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Planning 100th Birthday Party

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I'm planning a 100th birthday party for my very alert mother. Any suggestions?

Joni from Boston, MA



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By Brenda (Guest Post)11/11/2008

What an awesome birthday party to plan for!
What if you celebrated it in the time period/year that she was born?
Having everyone dress in period clothing, she'd probably get a kick out of it!
Have the food done to, researching the internet for recipes from that era.
I like the photographer idea to.
Let us know what you plan & Good luck!

By Nancy Sherfick11/11/2008

HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER! We had a photographer at my grandmother's 85th birthday and got group photos and family portraits. This was the best thing ever. Look at your local college but do not skimp and think that Uncle Albert has a great camera and he can take them. YOu need someone with portrait photography skills after all that is why you go to a photographer because they know how to place people for a great setting and they have the correct equipment.

These is only once you can get these pictures and it will be well worth the money. Ask them if they can put them online or if they can do preview shots there that day.

By connie (Guest Post)11/11/2008

Go back in history to the day and year as a theme. Maybe some articles from that year and place.

By Chris Richman [9]11/11/2008

Look for ideas by googling 100th day celebrations. Many schools celebrate the 100th day of school. You may be able to find ideas that you can adapt. For example, the kids made mini posters displaying 100 of something (jelly beans, noodles, cotton balls) Maybe the kids could make cards displaying 100 of something that reminds them of your mother.

By Barb (Guest Post)11/10/2008

I would plant her a tree in a pot then tie little bows all over the tree but intermingle the bows with netting pockets and each would contain one silver dollar course it would amount to a total of $100.00. She would have a small tree plus money to go along with her wonderful birthday.

By Mary Ann Nippert (Guest Post)11/10/2008

Have people do a page for a memory book, send them a page and ask them to write a memory about your mom and include a picture of themself and their family and put it all together in an album. If your mom has a favorite charity, have a "money tree" where people attach money for that charity instead of gifts for her.

By Mmmmmmm (Guest Post)11/10/2008

Be sure to write the White House to send a card. I would also put her photo in your local newspaper. It would be fun to have tables with the different decades of what was happening in the world and also what events were occuring in her life. How wonderful to plan such an event!

By Judi [17]11/10/2008

I doubt she wants for anything (certainly nothing to dust!) so maybe you could have friends and relatives send or bring to the B'day bash a card or letter with a story from the past and maybe a picture of them together. My grandparents had a slide show at their 50th anniversary and you could maybe do something like that. Wow! Sometimes I wonder if I'll make it to another DAY much less to 100 years!! Congratulations to your mom.

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