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Paper Bag (Rudolph) Reindeer Puppet

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Finished pupet on top of wood stove.

This cute Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer paper bag puppet is easy to make with kids.


  • paper lunch bag
  • googly eyes
  • brown and red construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors

Supplies for Reindeer Puppet Craft


  1. Fold a piece of brown construction paper in half and then cut out an antler shape so that you will have 2 antlers of the same shape.

  2. With the red construction paper cut a circle for the nose and a heart for the inside of the mouth.

  3. Glue the antlers to the back side of the bag (the side without the flap). Reindeer Antlers

  4. On the edge of the flap glue the nose. Close up of red Rudolf Nose

  5. Under the flap glue the heart. Inside mouth of Reindeer Puppet

  6. Last glue the googly eyes in place (if you don't have googly eyes you can draw eyes on with a marker).

By StellaBella from Manchester, WA Finished Ruldolf Reindeer Puppet 2


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