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Caring for a Baby Mole


I need help with a baby mole he/she looks about 1 1/2 months old and I can't find anything about how to take care of the little guy. I don't want him to die.

By Michael from ND


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By Nancy 6 37 11/12/2010

Please call your local humane society. That's your best bet to get the best care for the poor critter!

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By Robyn Fed 394 1,240 11/12/2010

More than likely, from what I have seen from my wildlife rehabber friends, cows milk would be disastrous for this little creature. Your best bet is to find a rehabber near you. Look on this link and call and find out.
Birgit is the director of this great rescue. There is a link and she has a facebook also. she is very good at rehabbing and her page is very informative.
Rehabbing is very difficult, and usually better left for the few hours it take to get the animal to a licensed rehabber, for its own sake and for your own sake also as there are laws regarding wildlife and the fines are very high.
It is so sweet that you are trying to help these animals, maybe there is a wildlife rehabilitation career in your future?
Check this site for a rehabber as close to you as possible for help with this wonderful small creature.
Also the fish and game dept in your area may have a wildlife rehabber listed also.

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By scott 2 01/12/2011

I've been feeding them for a while now. I thought I was feeding baby chipmonks but I guess they've been baby moles all along. They love sunflower seeds. I dont know how the little things eat those big seeds but they will gather and store them all day long sometimes.

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