Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

I want to have the best party with people leaving saying that it was a great party, not people saying it was a dump. I have the place, it is big. It's a girl/boy party but not with that many boys. I have food and there is a big screen TV and some dancing going on, but I doubt that is going to hold them down from 6 pm till midnight.


I need games and prizes, but I don't know what types of games. They can't be to kissy because of my parents and we can't really go outside because my parents don't want people sneaking off.

I want the party to be a blast and still obey my parents rules. Can you help me?

Thank you,
Alexandra M from HI

P.S. Please post feedback quickly, I don't have much time.

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December 14, 2009

Hey the best thing for a party is music blast it. Play poker, play bball, football, and all that jazz.

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Archive: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

I want to have the best party with people leaving saying that it was a great

party, not people saying it was a dump. I have the place, it is big. It's a girl/boy party,

but not with that many boys. I have food and there is a big screen TV and some dancing going

on, but I doubt that is going to hold them down from 6 pm till midnight.

I need games and prizes, but I don't know what types of games. They can't be to kissy

because of my parents and we can't really go outside because my parents don't want people

sneaking off.

I want the party to be a blast and still obey my parents rules. Can you help me?

Thank you,
Alexandra M. from Hawaii

P.S. Please post feedback quickly, I don't have much time.


RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

What about showing a movie?

As for contests or games, how about doing like summer camp, dividing everyone into groups,

and each group needs to do a skit or design and perform a dance to go with a piece of music,

etc. You can award prizes for wackiest, best coordination, etc.

Board games might work well, too. How about Trivial Pursuit, played in teams (or as

individuals)? Or give each team something to work with (Play-doh, Legos, papier mache, etc.)

and they have to work together to make something. The team with the best end product wins.

Or you provide packaging material, and each team has to package a raw egg in a container

which will be dropped from a ladder at a certain height. The team whose egg survives the most

drops without breaking wins a prize.

Have fun. (04/14/2005)

By Ela

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

Oh, just thought of another idea, each team gets an assortment of objects all sorts of oddball

things like Q-tips, cotton balls, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, paper streamers, styrofoam

cups, aluminum foil, markers, etc. They have to make something out of it, and explain what

they made. Prizes are awarded for most original, best imitation of a household object (say, if

they make a model of a telephone or a sofa out of it), most wacky, tallest (they can try to

find a way to fasten everything on top of everything else), etc. You provide basic materials

as well as things to fasten things together: glue, tape, string, etc.(04/14/2005)

By Ela

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

How about Charades or Pictionary? You can even make up your own age appropriate subjects for

it. All you would need is butcher paper and an easel.
Sandy from Pittsburgh (04/14/2005)

By Sandy

alexandras party

Try a movie marathon. (04/23/2005)

By Marah

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

You could have a night tag type game. Its always fun to have one person hide while it is dark

and everyone else looking for him/her with flashlights. Have the person who is hiding try to

grab the others. If the person gets grabbed then they have to hide with the other person.


By coolaid

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

I think the best game to play is something that you don't need to organise much for. Spotlight

is an awesome example. Last time I played it I found one of my best frends hiding in my

garbage bin. We don't let him live it down. (06/12/2005)

By Maddie

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

You could play this awesome game called Skittles. Pour the Skittles into the bowl and cover it

with the towel. Have everybody sit in a circle. Choose a person in the circle to start. The

person grabs three Skittles from the bowl. If they are the same color they may eat them or

spit them into a cup, but if not they must keep them in their mouth and say "I love Skittles".

Then it is the next person's turn. The play continues around the circle with each player

blindly choosing three Skittles. If they pick three of the same color they can eat what is in

their mouth. Play until everyone is sick of Skittles. (07/11/2005)

By Nikki

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

You could buy one of those murder mystery kits. They'd be great any time of year and will last

you 1 1/2 to 3 hours. Try for some

really good ones. (10/03/2005)

By Lauren

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

Here's a really hilarious and brain-dead game. You need: cotton balls, a metal spatula, a

metal cake or baking pan, a blindfold, a timer.

The object is to see how may cotton balls a blindfolded kid can pick up and put in the pan in,

say, a minute.

Try it some time. This is really funny. It really warms the crowd up because it is so lame,

but fun. (10/21/2005)

By the Oracle

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

There are sum awesome games at <a href


As 4 party themes, what about "Messed up Madness". You have funny games and contests that

gets everybody messy and laughing. For party favors hand out a bunch of disposable cameras for

those candid moments. (11/09/2005)

By Caboodle

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

Everyone on here seems to be so worried about what their friends think, when really their

coming for you.

It may not sound like it, but dancing can keep your friends entertained for two, three,

even four hours. You could dress up your living room or porch like its a club with lots of

balloons and streamers. What I do is have all my friends bring their favorite CD and I burn a

couple of CDs and we dance all night long. Its also a good idea to have some games that can be

involved with music like freeze dance, musical chairs, but with music like Usher or Beyonce,

hide-and-go seek in the dark in your house or outside, play tag outside when it gets dark, or

do truth or dare. Another idea is to make like ten bags of popcorn and have a popcorn fight


When you want people to wind down and go to sleep tell everyone to set up their sleeping

bags and pop in a scary movie. However, there's always going to be some people who can't sleep

so have a back-up movie just in case.

But the number one thing to remember is don't be nervous. Your friends are coming because they

like you not because your going to throw some over-the-top huge birthday party.

Good luck. (09/10/2006)

By Caroline

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

Going in the backyard and having a Sillystring, or shaving cream fight is always fun.

Anything when its dark, and you are running around, entertains for a couple hours.(10/21/2006)

By Bailyrae

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

You ladies seems like ya'll need some help. I can help you on games, but I too am struggling

with prizes. Write soon if you've got prizes ideas. Love ya'll. Here you go it's kinda long


Mafia Game: All the players sit in a circle. All you need is a deck of cards. One person is

"the lookout" and stays out of the circle. The lookout then takes the deck of cards (face

down, so no one can see them) and goes around the circle letting everyone pick only 1 card

from the deck. Once everyone has their card (be sure that they don't show them to anyone else)

and the lookout then tells them the rules.

The lookout should tell them that if they have a king card, they are a cop. If they have an

ace card, they are a part of the mafia. It is important they don't tell anyone who they are.

The lookout now says, "its night time!" and everyone shuts their eyes and puts their head down

to their lap. Then the lookout says," police, heads up" and the people who have king cards

should put their heads up to show the lookout who they are. As soon as the lookout says "heads

down" the police put their heads down. Then the lookout shouts "mafia, heads up!" and the

people with Ace cards put their heads up, to show the lookout who they are. The lookout once

again says: "heads down", and then says "its daytime!" and everyone puts their heads up.

Now that the lookout knows who the mafia and policemen are, he can assume everyone else is

a citizen (people with a Queen, a Jack or a number card). Now the lookout can repeat the

process of "night time". But the second time he does this, when the policeman's heads are up,

the policeman can point to one person, and the lookout can tell them whether they are citizen

or mafia. When the mafia's heads are up, the mafia can point to one person, but the lookout

says nothing, the person they point to is automatically "Dead" and out of the game. When

"daytime" comes, the lookout says whoever the mafia pointed at: "You're dead" and the person

can now reveal who he was. You can then go around the circle and have one person accuse

someone of being in the mafia. Everyone votes to get that person out. If enough people vote,

he is out, and can reveal who he is, if not enough people vote, he stays in the game, still

not revealing who he is.

The object is to have the policeman or citizens get all 4 of the mafia out of the game. If

this happens, the mafia has lost. If the mafia get all 4 policeman out of the game, the mafia

has won.

Murder: First select a narrator. The narrator has all of the other players sit in a circle

and close their eyes. She/he taps one person on the head- once for murderer,
twice for angel, and 3 times for detective.

He then tells everyone to go to sleep, or shut their eyes. The narrator says "Murderer

awaken." The murderer opens their eyes. "Who would you like to kill?". The murderer points to

any person in the circle, and then closes his eyes.
Then the narrator says, "Angel, awaken - who would you like to save?" and the angel does the

same thing, pointing to any person in the circle that he would like to save.
"Detective, awaken - who would you like to suspect?". Same thing again.
Then everyone opens their eyes. If the murderer kills a person, that person is now announced

to be dead. However, if the angel saved the person who the murderer was trying to kill, they

are saved and are not killed. When the detective suspects the correct murderer, he wins the

game, but not if the murderer can kill him first.

Sleepover Antics: Here are some fun (some nutty) things that can be done to the first

people who fall asleep at your sleepover (knowledge of this should keep the party going for

quite a while).

  • Put the sleeper's hand in warm water. (This is supposed to induce them to have to go to

    the bathroom.)

  • Place a rubber snake on the pillow of an "early sleeper".
  • Put shaving cream on a sleeper's hand and then tickle their nose with a feather (isn't a

    face full of shaving cream what all "Party Poopers" deserve?)

  • Get a big cup of water and put their bra or underwear in. Then freeze it. In the morning

    ask them to get you some ice from the freezer and watch them go mad.

Tapper: A good game for sleepovers.
First you get everyone into a room and choose one person to be the Tapper.
The Tapper goes into another room where he/she can't hear the other players. Meanwhile

everyone hides under pillows and blankets. You can also make decoys by putting pillows/stuffed

animals under a blanket to make it look like a person.

Then someone gets up, turns off the lights and goes back to their hiding spot. After

everyone is settled, you yell to the Tapper to come in. The Tapper comes into the room, with

the lights off, and taps on someone. If you get tapped you have to say "Yes?" in a weird voice

(or you can say something else, it's up to you). The Tapper has to figure out who was

If the Tapper is right, the person tapped has to be the Tapper next and everyone gets a new

hiding spot. If the Tapper is wrong, he/she has to tap another person.
This game is fun and hilarious. After a while everyone will end up just screaming random

things when the Tapper walks into the room.

Who Knows Susie Best: This is like the newlywed game only for friends at a birthday party

or sleepover.
Make up a whole bunch of questions about the birthday boy or girl, or anyone you like. Divide

the guests into teams. Each team has markers and paper for their answers.
For example:

  • Name the dates he/she had to the following dances.
  • What instrument did he/she play first?
  • What sports has he/she played?
  • What was the name of his/her favorite teacher, or pet?
  • What does she want to be when he/she grows up?

The winners are the team with the most correct answers.

Blindfold Feeding: Sit two people opposite each other and blindfold them both.
Hand one a dish of ice cream and a spoon, and ask the other to put their hands behind their

back (so they can't feel for the spoon and guide it into their mouth).
The person with the ice cream must now try to feed the other.
This can be very messy, so play it where it's easy to clean up afterwards.

Character Shout: Sit in a circle. You choose a cartoon, movie, TV soap opera, etc. The

objective is to try to name as many characters from that show as you can, with no repeating,

going from the leader to the left. The last person that can name a correct character wins.

Face Race: This is a simple game that always goes down well at sleepovers.
Get mini cheddars (or if you are up for a challenge chocolate digestives) and put one on your

forehead (chocolate side down).
Without using your hands wiggle the biscuit down your face and into your mouth. When everyone

has worked out how to do it, have races.

Laughing: Everyone gets a cup of anonymous soda, juice, or caffeinated beverages. Make some

taste bad (but edible), and some good. Do not make them poisonous, and water is not good for

this game.
Nobody should know what the drinks are. Everyone gets given a drink.
There is one person chosen to lead. They try to make the first person laugh. They have 20

seconds. The first person is drinking their assigned drink at the same time that the leader is

trying to make them laugh. If any amount of the drink spills out of the glass, they are out.
Usually they spit it out because they are laughing at the same time, or because they do not

like the drink.
The person who avoids spilling their drink wins.
This is a great party game.

Green Glass Door: For this game, you don't need any equipment. All you do is try to figure

out what's behind the green glass door.
See how in the name of the game every word has a double letter? Well the other people have to

figure that out, but they cannot shout it out or else the game is over. They just come up with

one of these:

Behind the green glass door you can have:

  • a pOOl but no water
  • a loLLipop but no sucker
  • a puPPy but no dog
  • a kiTTen but no cat
  • a trEE but no forest

Then you as the starter just keep throwing them out until someone else gets it. They are a

lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

Mad Ball: Find as many balls as you can, the more the better. Any ball will do. Map out a

rough "pitch" using anything you want for 4 corner flags. At the half way line, place the

balls in a line across the pitch.
Now get your people into two teams and ask them to line up at each end of the pitch.
On the whistle or word go, everybody must rush to the balls and do everything they can to get

as many balls as possible back to their end of the pitch. Once the ball is touched down at

their end, it goes out of play. When you get a ball back you can go back for more.
When all the balls are out of play, the whistle is blown, and the winning team is the one with

most balls.
There are very few rules. You can only handle one ball at a time. You can get the ball back by

passing, kicking, wrestling, etc.

Wink Murder V2: All guests sit in a circle and closes their eyes (no peeking!). The host

taps one person to be the "murderer". Everyone may open their eyes, but no talking is allowed.

The murderer must successfully wink at people without getting caught.
If you are winked at you must dramatically fall to the centre of the circle and wait for the

game to end. If you catch someone winking you immediately raise your hand and secretly tell

the host. If they're right they win, if they're wrong they "die" and the game continues until

the murderer winks at all his victims.

Draw Your Dream Date: Have your guests sit down with a pad of paper each, and a pen or

pencil. Ask them all to put the pad on top of their head, and tell them to begin drawing their

dream date by making a circle for the head.
They now have to put their hand down and then tell them to draw a line from the circle for the

dream date's body. Repeat this for the arms, legs, mouth, nose, eyes, etc.
The guest with the best looking dream date wins.

Fruitbasket Turnover: Gather all the players into a circle and have one less chair

available than the number of people. Everyone must call out and choose a fruit and remember

this as their fruit name. Each person must have a different fruit name.
Get everyone sitting down except for one player who stands in the middle as caller. Their

objective is to shout out the name of a fruit 3 times before that person can shout it once, in

order to swap places from the middle.
So if Sue is the grape, I could shout "Grape, grape, grape" as fast as possible. If Sue shouts

grape once before I finish then I stay "in the middle". If I succeed then Sue becomes the new

caller in the middle.

The best part of this game is the special shout "Fruitbasket Turnover". The caller can use

this at any time if they get frustrated. When they call "Fruitbasket Turnover", everybody must

leave their seats as quickly as possible, and find a new seat. The phrase can be used as often

as you like.

ABC Party: This game is for kids or adults.
Sit in a circle and have the first person start with "A". They must say any word starting with

"A". The following person to the left now repeats that word, and adds a word starting with

"B". Keep going until you get to "Z". The last person will have to recite each item through

the whole alphabet.
If someone cannot remember an item, or messes up, they are out and must move away from the

circle. The next person picks up where they left off.

Ghost In the Graveyard: This game is best played outside when it's dark.
First, one person is chosen to be Ghost, and a certain place or item chosen to be your base.

The base can be the swings, or the porch for example. Then the Ghost goes and hides somewhere

while the other members count to 100.

When they have got to 100, everyone goes out hunting for the Ghost. When someone finds the

Ghost they shout out "Ghost in the graveyard!" and everyone tries to run back the base without

being caught by the Ghost. If someone is touched by the Ghost they become the new Ghost. If

nobody is caught then the ghost goes and hides again.

Sleepover: Slippers Games

  1. Collect all the players' slippers and put them in the center of the room. On the word

    "Go!" have players race to find their own slippers and put them on first.

  2. Play the game again, this time blindfolded.
  3. Play "Hide the Slippers." Tuck the slippers into nooks and crannies in another room, and

    have the players try to find their own first.

  4. Set out the slippers in a row, and have each player take a turn matching a pair of

    slippers to the matching feet.

  5. Sit in a circle and pass the slippers around with your eyes closed and try to identify

    your own just by feel.

Snuggle Bug: This is a super fun sleepover game.
Designate one person at the party the "Snuggle Bug" by putting slips of paper into a bowl (all

blank except for the one that has the SB on it). Whoever picks the "SB" is the "Snuggle Bug".
All of the guests are in the same room (with the lights off throughout the house) at the

beginning of the game.

Then the "Snuggle Bug" gets to go and find a hiding place.
People roam throughout the house and ask other players, "Are you the Snuggle Bug?"
If the answer is "No", then they keep searching.
If the answer is "Yes", then the person has to snuggle up to the SB.
As more guests find the SB and snuggle up, the hiding space becomes overcrowded, and the last

person to find the SB is the loser. (Have a "booby prize" ready for the loser).

Sock Grab: Everyone in the game puts on socks so they are half hanging off their feet, but

still staying on. Check all the socks are consistent.
The game is simple. You now crawl around the floor on your hands and knees trying to pull

everyone elses socks off whilst not letting them get your own socks.
The last person left with one sock on is the winner.
A good variation is to play this game in the dark,

Flourcake Game: This game can be played with any number of players. You will need some

flour, a bowl, a plate, a knife, and some lollies.
Put the flour into the bowl so that it is packed quite tightly and filled to the top. Then

turn the bowl upside down onto the plate and carefully remove it. You should have a neat mound

of flour. Place a lolly of your choice on top. Smaller ones make this a lot harder.
Each player takes it in turns to carefully cut some of the flour away from the lolly with the

knife. The person who knocks the lolly off then has to put their hands behind their back, and

pick the lolly up with their mouth. Makes for a great photo.

Secrets: This is a good game for sleepovers, for singles parties and for ice-breaking.
You and your guests each write down a secret (or fact about themselves that nobody knows) on a

piece of paper.
Put all the pieces of paper in a bowl then begin. You pull out each piece of paper and read

out the fact while your guests try to guess which secret belongs to which person. If you want

to be formal, you can ask them to write all their answers down as they go. The person who gets

the most correct answers wins. (05/02/2007)

By not tellin

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

I went to a party last night and it was probably the funnest party ever.
We played alot of games, but most of the time we just hanging out, being stupid.
One of the games was really random, and might sound kinda dumb, but it was actually really


Okay so what you do is everyone ties a balloon to their foot, and you all run around and

try to pop everyone's balloon without getting yours popped. It's actually really hard, and

eveyone starts tripping over everyone else and its pretty funny. I don't really know what else

to tell you though because most of the party was outside. But I hope you find more ideas and

have fun.

By ????

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

You can play the orange game, you pass an orange around with your neck. Or the cucumber game,

which you pass a cucumber around with your mouth. Or card game, which you pass a card around

using your mouth (person sucks in and then blows to the other person while they suck in to

hold the card). These aren't kissing. Hope you have a great party. (10/11/2007)

By Brianna

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

I have a few games.

  1. Duckie Wuckie: This is a group game for however many people you have at your party.
    Everyone sits in a circle and one person is blindfolded and spun around.
    Those sitting down get up and switch places in order to keep the person in the middle fooled.

    Then the person in the middle has to feel their way around (for example, with a rolled up

    newspaper) and sit on somebody's lap.

    Once they are sitting, the sat-on individual has to identify himself by saying "quack-

    quack" (with whatever voice they choose).
    The sitter then has to guess whose lap they're sitting on. If they're right, they switch

    places. If they're wrong, they go on to another lap.
    To really screw someone up, quietly have everyone leave the room while the person is

    blindfolded. Have fun.

  2. How Well Do You Know the Birthday Girl?
    • What is her FULL name?
    • What is her favorite color?
    • How old is she turning?
    • What is her brother's name?
    • What is her favorite season(s)?
    • Who is her favorite singer(s)?
    • What is her favorite movie(s)?
    • Does she like Zac Efron?
    • What is her favorite book(s)?
    • Did you have fun at her party? Why?

  3. "I Never": Supply each of your guests with 20 jellybeans (or any candy of your choice). The

    first person makes a true statement about themselves that begins with the words, "I never" For

    example, if one person has never told a lie, then she would say "I have never told a lie in my

    life". If the statement (without the "I never'") true for other guests, then they must eat a

    piece of candy. Everyone should take at least one turn. Keep playing until it is obvious who

    will end up with the most candy, that is your winner.

  4. Murder game: Make index cards with X, 1 D, and 1 M on them. M is murderer, D is detective,

    and X is a possible victim/citizen. (there can be only 1 detective and only 1 murderer. The

    rest are victims/citizens.)
    Have everyone draw a card and "Do not show the card to anyone".
    Next have everyone, except the detective run around and hide. Then the detective has to go

    around and find the "dead" people are to scream when the murderer taps them on the shoulder or

    head and whispers "oops, you're dead".
    Then the game is called (as in over) then the detective must accuse the murderer.

  5. Name That Tune: Play a snippet of a song on a CD player, and the girl who shouts out the

    song title earns a point. Play ten songs, and the girl who has the most points, wins.

  6. Animal Magnetism: Ask your guests to bring a stuffed animal to the party. Put all the fury

    friends in a pile. Then one by one, your friends are blindfolded and they have to find their

    stuffed animal without looking.

  7. Pillowcase Race: Each guest steps into her own pillow case and let the race begin.

  8. Art in the Dark: Each girl gets a piece of paper and a pencil. The lights in the room are

    turned off and everyone is asked to draw a house. Ask everyone to add additional elements,

    such as a mailbox, a tree, or a car in the driveway. When at least five new additions have

    been added, turn on the lights and see what artistic efforts you've created.

  9. Toothpaste Test: When people start to think about slowing down for the night, present a

    toothpaste taste test. Choose three or four toothpastes to use. Each guest tries each and

    casts a vote for the one she likes best.

  10. Star Search: Create big cards with celebrity names on them, but leave out the vowels. Then

    you hold them up and have your friends call out the stars' names. Keep track of who's called

    out the most correct names.

  11. Grand Old Duke Of York: Everyone knows the nursery rhyme.

    "The Grand Old Duke of York
    He had ten thousand men,
    He marched them up to the top of the hill,
    Then he marched them down again.

    And when they were up they were up,
    And when they were down they were down,
    And when they were only half way up
    They were neither up nor down!"

    Now here's the game.

    Announce the game, and get everyone standing in a circle. Make sure everyone understands the

    You then start singing the song very slowly. As you sing you do a work-out. And once you've

    done the rhyme, you repeat, but a little bit faster, each time.

    This is the work-out routine:

    • Every time you sing the word "UP" you stand up straight, and hold.
    • Every time you sing the word "DOWN" you crouch right down low, and hold.
    • Every time you sing "ONLY HALF WAY UP" you half crouch, and hold.
    • On "NEITHER UP NOR DOWN" you move UP then DOWN quite fast.

As you repeat this you get faster, and faster, and more and more exhausted. Until your legs

give up. Last man standing wins. Great fun.

Hope this helps. I am having a party too and I'm gonna play these. Heck I'm gonna turn 16.



By Natalie

RE: Games and Prizes For a Teen Party

I'm having a party in about a month so party ideas would be helpful.
I do have a few though:

  1. Tie donuts on a string and hang it at eye level then have two or three people at a time

    try and eat the donuts off the string without using their hands!
    It's so funny.

  2. Flashlight tag is always fun.
  3. Capture the flag, in the dark it's so fun, especially if you live near some woods or a



By Zoe

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