How do you remove oil from your face during the day?


How do you remove oil from your face during the day? I wear makeup and my face gets oily around the nose and forehead about noontime. I heard that using a plain white paper towel for touch-ups during the day is just as good as the little tissue paper called "blotters". What do you use?

Onesummer from GA



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By (Guest Post) 09/21/2006

I found that cigarette papers also worked. Paper towels aren't reaaly the right sort of paper. Also use powder for oily skin to absorb oil -

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By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post) 09/22/2006

I've heard that the paper toilet seat covers are made from the same paper as the "blotter". Take a seat cover, cut it into small squares and keep them in your desk at work to blot your face whenever you feel it necessary. Problem solved.

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By (Guest Post) 09/24/2006

I've heard that tissue paper like you wrap presents with works just as well as the blotters--cut it in small
pieces and keep it in your purse to blot with.

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By susan 8 1,368 09/25/2006

Do you go to a chiropractor? Their face paper that they use on their tables (to protect the tables from face oil) is actually face blotting paper. Some use rolls and others use sheets. Just ask if you can buy a roll or box of sheets from one--trust me, it'll last forever.

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By Trish 14 09/02/2007

Use blotting papers - they're pretty cheap and you can buy them at the supermarkets, some pharmacies and online stores. They absorb the oil on your skin without ruining your make-up an don't require caking on pressed powders.

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By Regina Forbes 2 19 06/03/2009

I had this problem. I have used just about all the make up you can think of. By noon, my face was so shiny it looked like I put oil on it. I found the perfect solution. Avon has a product call Perfect Face. I put it on under my make up, apply my Mary Kay foundation and then use BeautiControl Wet and Dry(use it dry)I have a little shine after about 10 hours. I work 12 hours so I was proud I found out about the Avon, which I never thought I could use. Good Luck

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