That foodsaver vac 300 is useful for more than just food. I don't own one, but it would be great for packaging jewelry for a yard sale, salt for your husband's lunchbox, even as a type of laminator for precious keepsakes. I have a Christmas card from my Mother, who is now with the Lord. I keep it in plain sight in my kitchen and it gets a lot of dirt. Wouldn't the Foodsaver be great for it?

By springmaid5


By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 11/11/2004

When ever I need any size ice packs I take my food saver and make my own ice packs. You can have any size that you want and it never leaks. They can be reused over and over and cost very little to make.

By Linda

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By Deborah from Dallas (Guest Post) 02/14/2005

If you add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to your ice pack then you will have slushy, soft ice packs just like the more expensive ones from the drug store. The alcohol prevents the water from freezing completely.

Another way I use my Foodsaver (which I really love!) is to vacuum seal my good silverware for storage between uses. No more messy polishing! Anything that tarnishes and is strong enough to stand up to the crushing action of the vacuuming process can be stored in the Foodsaver bags. Also a great way to keep those piles of old letters, greeting cards, news articles, etc. safe from paper-eating pests. If you are concerned about crumpling the papers, put the items between pieces of cardboard before sealing. Slip a little label in the bag, too, so you know what's in there!

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By Clare 35 02/01/2006

I'm a little late posting since I see the post from Springmaid5 is from over a year ago. But...please be careful about storing keepsakes made of paper in plastic. You want to be sure the plastic is archival or acid-free, or it will yellow and wear out your precious cards, etc. I'm not sure if the plastic used in vacuum sealers is acid-free. Just think of what happened to the old photos we kept in those 'magnetic' albums of years ago! Just a head's up from an avid scrapbooker.

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By The Vak Shack 8 09/13/2010

Also, if you are simply using it to store documents, I recommend putting the documents in another plastic bag and then vacuum sealing that just to keep precious items as clean as possible. And par-freezing squishy or liquid items is the best way to get the good seal without crushing the items. I've been selling discounted vacuum packaging equipment for many years now, if you ever have any questions I'd love to help you out.

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