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Conditioner Makes Hair Fall Out


I have a weird problem here. No matter which conditioner I use, a drug store brand or a high end brand, my hair falls a lot when I condition it. Just shampooing my hair makes it a dry and coarse. Please tell me what to do. I have shoulder length black hair which I color to cover gray.

By Deeya


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By 1thriftygal 1 6 11/02/2010 Flag

Change the kind of hair color you are using. Do not use Color Silk by Revlon it will ruin your hair. If this is not the problem, have your thyroid checked. The symptoms you are saying sound like low thyroid. Good luck. By the way another poster suggested only using conditioner to wash your hair, every five times use shampoo. I have been doing this and it helped, so did thyroid medicine.

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By Lisa 2 656 11/02/2010 Flag

Have you tried some sort of leave-in conditioner? I used to get a spray-on leave-in conditioner for my daughter. And for myself, I used to use this: ...

But for the past several years I have used this:
DHC also makes a more creamy type leave-in treatment, but I prefer the oil type. It leaves my hair soft and shiny, and doesn't make my hair greasy or oily looking (it has silicone in it).

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By jean leiner 15 407 11/03/2010 Flag

Have you tried a shampoo/conditioner in one product, such as Pert? Buy sample size bottles of Pert or other shampoo/conditioner in ones, and see if it helps.

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By dede smith 19 222 11/03/2010 Flag

Consult a hair stylist. They will have a lot of useful tips and info. Hair follicles can become clogged over time by conditioner and shampoo build up. Try conditioning just the ends of your hair. Age and poor health can contribute to this too. Regular trim cuts can also improve the health of your hair. By the way "Pert" is a very harsh shampoo conditioner. And remember, we shed lots of hair naturally and longer hair will tend to look like a lot, but really isn't.
Good Luck!

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By Paula 6 11/04/2010 Flag

Try using a conditioner that gives the hair more body. Dove has a conditioner like that. Also just condition the ends and don't leave the conditioner on but for a few seconds. You might look at some hair products for children, like "No More Tangles", that might condition your hair, too. You could also use a mousse, like Dove, that would help your hair keep its style. That's what I do because I have the same problem as you.

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By alison 3 42 11/04/2010 Flag

I think It's your coloring of your hair, Go to you barber and ask them if it's from the coloring. You should ask a barber at this point of time. The only other thing that it could be is cancer. You may want to go see your dr. too.

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11/04/2010 Flag

I was a hairstylist for 35 years and I promise that the hair conditioner is not what is causing your hair to fall out unless you are placing a bunch of it on your scalp instead of only through your hair and not rinsing well! It's more than likely that you are just noticing the hair fall out more because the conditioner is making all of your hair moisturized which separates the hairs from one another and allows the hairs that are normally going to fall out, fall out more easily than non-conditioned hair.

Each hair grows in their own life cycles, fall out and then that particular hair follicle remains dormant for awhile and then the cycle begins again throughout your lifetime. We generally have about 90,000 to 140,000 hairs on our head and everyone loses up to 100 hairs a day because of this normal growth cycle. Radical hair loss beyond this normal cycle is generally due to heredity, diet, health issues or medications.

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By vicki hood 4 564 11/04/2010 Flag

Healthiest product for hair and skin as well is coconut oil. Warm a little in your hand to apply and brush through your hair with bristle brush. I use extra virgin coconut oil.

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By Chris 1 68 11/04/2010 Flag

Maybe you it's not the conditioner. It could be a medical condition. A doctor could prescribe a simple blood test that could tell you if it's a thyroid problem or a lack of certain vitamins. Good luck!

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By Rosa 4 38 11/04/2010 Flag

I have that problem also. I think I came out with a solution. I use a splash of white vinegar in with my shampoo. I heard that vinegar is good for keeping your hair from turning gray, conditioning it plus a lot of other things it's good for. My hair still falls out, but not so much now. and the smell of vinegar doesn't stay long, it removes all the residue from the hair products that I use and leaves it nice and soft. Try it, I hope you like the results. I do!

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By Deeya 2 4 11/06/2010 Flag

Thanks for all your advice! Shall try them all out & I am sure something will work!

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By katrina 5 232 11/08/2010 Flag

Chemicals in shampoos and conditioners cause many problems, including yours! I now use JR Liggett's shampoo BAR, it contains no chemicals at all. Shampoo bars have been in use for centuries. The "liquid" that is now on the market is fairly new actually. Shampoo bars can contain chemicals as well so be SURE that the ones you get do not contain them or you will have the same problems!

When you first start to use these, you will not like the way your hair feels after doing so. But once dry, your hair will be wonderful. So do not stop using. The whole reason you won't like the "feel" of your hair is due to the fact that it will not strip the oils out of your hair, the way most shampoos do! These are meant to last 3 to 4 months. Lather well, and even my neighbor commented on how wonderful and healthy my hair looked after using for a month. I let her know what I had been using! Wonderful product. No chemicals, no plastic! Good luck!

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By Emmie 1 6 12/26/2010 Flag

You could use a hair serum, just be careful not to use too much because it will make your hair look oily. Just rub a bit through your hair after you shower. Or, try a natural hair mask. Honey and Avocado are natural moisturizers.

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