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Good Luck Penny Traditions

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I would like to know, if anyone has heard the legend that if you put a penny in your window sill, you'll have good luck? Is there a poem about this? I would like to put this in Christmas cards. Thanks.

By Christine from Park Hills, MO


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By David12/30/2009

I remember us doing this as a child every New Year's eve. I believe it was my dad that drove this task. now as an adult and home owner I also do it. last year was my best year ever. I had more windows, and put a penny heads up in each corner of each window. It was a rented home., and now we bought a house. I will absolutely be placing pennies in each window corner. (well our children will, I like to have them do it and they enjoy this silly tradition)

By Meemaw [49]11/23/2009

I found this one googling:

This is my lucky penny
One I'd like to give to you
It will not only bring you luck,
but help to see you through,
those times when you feel stuck,
or just a little blue.

Whenever you feel you're in a situation,
where you just can't win,
pull out this Lucky Penny,
and make a simple wish.

With this Lucky Penny in the palm of your hand,
you will not only have good fortune,
You will have, a simple friend

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