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Ikea Comforter Reviews

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We're looking to buy a comforter, either down or down alternative. Has anyone bought one of Ikea's? The price is definitely right, but I'd rather pay more if my $60 comforter is going to bite it in just a couple of months. Thanks for your help.

By Sarah from Windsor, CA


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By Grandma J [46]02/27/2010

Don't have many bought ones, and not from there. The clue is to put it between your sheet and bedspread, do not use as the bedspread. Then it gets sat on, stained, lumpy, etc. If you want one to dress up the bed, fold it up before getting into bed. As a whole, I make my own.

By mellie02/26/2010

I've never bought a comforter from Ikea, but I have bought several pieces of furniture and housewares and have always found them to be of high quality. As far as how long the comforter will last, I got one from Walmart that lasted for 4 years, and I threw it in the washer and dryer when it needed cleaning. Go ahead and get it. :-) mellie

By Dot02/26/2010

I purchased an IKEA comforter for my son about 5 years ago. I also bought a comforter cover. My son loves his comforter and refuses to use the cover as he likes the softness of the comforter. I have washed his comforter several times and other than a few threads coming loose, it is still in great condition. A very good investment. PS: My son is off at school and asked that I bring him his comforter.

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