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Business Name Ideas for a Stationery Design Business

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I'm looking for a business name for my business. I will be designing stationery, party invites, keepsake journals, etc. for kids. Any ideas?

By Becks from New Zealand


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By ShyBlonde [3]01/16/2011


By jlyn [3]11/24/2010

Keepsake Cards n Notes, Specialty Stationary, Sweet Notes n Cards

By kitkatk100 [6]05/06/2010

How about "Unforgettable Keepsakes" or something similar to that?

By Jeanette Jacobs [4]05/05/2010

How about "Made by Hand", but in Spanish!

By Lisa [2]05/04/2010

No ideas for the name of your company, but I just wanted to point out that the correct spelling is "stationery." For most people, it won't make a difference. But there are some who will notice, and the misspelling will be a turn-off.

Back to the name of your business, I hope you find something you love! We discussed the things we love (not necessarily business-related) to finally arrive at the name of our L.L.C.

Editor's Note: We have corrected the typo in "Stationery". Thanks for letting us know.

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