How to Keep Wood Boring Bees Away from a Deck


How does one keep those huge wood boring bees away from your deck? My husband is spraying them with bug spray and I hate to find their dead bodies on the deck. Is there a more human way to get them to go elsewhere?

Linda from Saratoga, AR



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By Marian Poke 14 17 05/21/2008

Get some wood filler and fill the holes they make, keep filling holes and eventually they will go away.
Another funny way my ex boyfriend use to do is hit them with a baseball bat or long stick. I use to get a kick out of watching him play ball with these bees..lol Trust me it works, altho killing them is not a good way, it got rid of the problem. They were swarming all over my porch and bored holes everywhere.

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By Me (Guest Post) 05/21/2008

I have a note that I printed that hanging a slice of watermelon over a pail of water works for wasps. I'm not sure if it works for bees too. They gorge themselves & then fall into the water.

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By Griff (Guest Post) 07/30/2008

If you stick a hose in the front of their nest you can blast e out then dunk the suckers in your pool ! They love it!

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