How Many Photos Will a 1G Memory Stick Hold?


If a digital camera has a 1G memory stick, how many MB does it have? How many pictures will it hold?

Donna from Fairhaven, Ma



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By (Guest Post) 06/05/2008

There are 1024 MB on a 1G card. How many pictures would depend on the specifics of your camera. You are going to be able to save many more low resolution photos than high, but you won't be able to have them turn out as nicely when you print them.

I always take all my photos at the highest possible resolution and erase the bad ones before downloading them.

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By Sherry 1 57 06/06/2008

I'm using a kodak easyshare digital camera and my 512 memory card holds about 400 pictures. My 2g card holds approx 1700 pictures, depending on the resolution of the pictures. So perhaps you could guess that the 1g would hold half that of the 2g?

Does your camera screen tell you the specifics of your card when you insert it into the camera?

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By LEONA LABINE 46 398 06/07/2008

I know this doesn't answer your question, but it's a tip that may be helpful

I always buy the card that will hold the smallest amount of pictures. I buy one each year write the year on it and at the end of the year I buy one for the next year. I put the cards in a small fire proof safe.
Most people download their pictures to their computer and often they don't go any further.
These cards are the only record you have,just like the old negatives,of your pictures.
If your computer crashes, you will have a backup.

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By Donna 1 1 08/15/2008


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