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Plastic Canvas Ornament Pattern

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I'm looking for a plastic canvas pattern for small ornaments in shape of slippers; one looks like a reindeer, the other a panda bear. Found them in a second hand store.

Twila from Alexandria, VA



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By Twila Bizzoco [1]03/22/2008

Panda came out best. Difficult to scan as they are 3-D. I will probably have to make a template and do some counting! Won't be difficult.

RE: Plastic Canvas Ornament Pattern

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By Keeper [58]01/20/2009

What a great job.

By Randa Wagner [61]03/21/2008

Please post a picture. Also if you do plastic canvas are know someone who does . could your be taken abart an be copyed into a pattern.

By LEONA LABINE [46]03/21/2008

I do a lot of plastic canvas projects and a picture would sure help
Post on my message board and I can help

By LuvMyGingerKids [46]03/21/2008

Can you post a photo of exactly what you want to make? I'm having a difficult time envisioning it. Thanks !

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