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Keeping Birds Out Of Boston Ferns

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How do I keep the birds out of my Boston ferns hanging on my porch?



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By Bethany (Guest Post)05/20/2005

I hate those birds in my hanging plants! I bought fake snakes and placed them in the plants, but the birds figured out that was a hoaz and built nests ON TOP of the fake snakes. I ended up buying some chicken wire and making a "bubble" over the plant. Keeps them out fine. The problem with "letting" them build nests in the plants is that the highly acidic wastes kill most plants and is a SERIOUS health hazard. Yuck!!!!

By Rita Calvert [1]04/12/2005

I let them in mine. They want to use them for nests and it's great fun to watch them raise their babies every year. Much more interesting than just a plant.

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