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Fading Leather Furniture

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My leather sofa is fading. Any advice?

Latasha from Irvington, NJ



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All leather fades but certain styles of leather (aniline, wax and oil pullups etc) do fade more obviously and over a shorter period. These will need products to replace the colour. These are aniline dyes and these can be ordered from LTT Ltd. They are fairly straightforward to apply.

If your leather is a pigment finish then Easy Colour from the same company will help.


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Question: Fixing a Fading Leather Sofa

My leather sofa is fading, on one of my sofas on the armrest at the front where your hand would be if you know what I mean? On another sofa where your head would rest on it, it is also faded. I only bought these sofas last Christmas, about 11 months ago.

By Noel R.

Most Recent Answer

By anne [39]10/17/2012

Get some paste shoe polish in the color that closely matches your sofa and apply. Let dry and then buff with a soft dry cloth. it worked on mine. old luck.

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