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Squeaking Sandals


My new sandals squeak when I walk. This happens even when everything is dry. What can I do to get rid of the squeak?

By Lynn from Ayr, Ontario


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By lara 17 46 09/02/2010

I've heard that if you put some baby powder or WD-40 on the squeaky part, that will fix it.

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By Monica 1 09/02/2010

Hello you can get rid of this by using the sandals alot cause the same thing happened to me they were squeaking for over 5 days but then it started to stop.I really hope this does help your problem.

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By obbligato 1 07/28/2015

Squeaky sandals ... mine actually sounded like little kids blowing air into their palms or arms to make a mock ... well, you know. I couldn't pull up the sole (from sandals?), I wasn't going to slather vaseline on them and be sliding around, I didn't want to poke holes in brand new sandals or pour glue in them. I just figured out that a half a tissue folded and placed discretely between my arch and the sole was all I needed. Eventually I didn't even need the tissue.

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Archive: Squeaking Sandals

I bought cheap sandals at Payless. They squeak horribly, but the inner sole is permanently attached. I am making too much noise at work. Help me.

Amanda from Fresno, CA


RE: Squeaking Sandals

Oh, dear. I had the same thing happen with "many" pairs of work sandals, and mine were not from Payless, but were all name brands. It was so embarrassing at the office. I finally decided not to buy any more of those rubbery-soft wedges. There's just something about them that does that, and I don't think they're fixable. I even tried beating them with a hammer. For this summer, I found some Dockers sandals that look reasonably businesslike and have leather-covered wedges made from a slightly more rigid material. They're still quite comfortable. I've been wearing them over a month now, and no sign of a squeak. (06/25/2008)

By chretienne

RE: Squeaking Sandals

I have the same problem. I found three things that help. One is to dust a bit of powder on the shoe in the morning. Two is to fit those little "footsies" on and most people don't notice. And third, you can use double back tape to put in non skid shoe inserts. Good luck. (06/25/2008)

By Poor But Proud

RE: Squeaking Sandals

Try using WD-40 or a silicone based lubricant. You may have a slight odor, but it is worth a try. (06/25/2008)

By Anthony

RE: Squeaking Sandals

I once read if you poke the bottoms with a needle and make a bunch of little "holes" it'll stop the squeak.
I'd use a larger needle so you actually get a hole, though, of course, it's not really big enough to see. (06/26/2008)

By carolb

RE: Squeaking Sandals

Just rub Vaseline all over the sole (inside of the sandal) wherever you think it's making noise. It worked on my strappy high heeled sandal. Good luck. (01/07/2009)

By Shalini

Archive: Squeaking Sandals

How do I fix squeaky wedge sandals? The insoles do not come off and I've applied Vaseline on the wedges, it is still making squeaky noises.

By sk from NY


RE: Squeaking Sandals

I've read that (baby) powder works. They use in for creaky floors. (05/20/2010)

By keeper60

RE: Squeaking Sandals

I have had this problem and I cut a hole in the sole or the bottom of the shoe and squeezed super glue in and it helped. (05/20/2010)

By sulevia

RE: Squeaking Sandals

My ex used to sell shoes and he said that when shoes squeak, it means the shank of the shoe is broken and nothing can be done. The shank is in the middle of the shoe, between the heel and the ball. (05/24/2010)

By metroplex

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