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Craft Ideas Using Syringe Caps


I am diabetic, so I end up with gazillions of those little semi-transparent offwhite syringe caps. I just toss them. Is there a craft I can make with them? Some sort of glue I could use that won't melt them? I could make some sort of sculpture like Hawk Eye of Mash fame did with tongue depressors. Tee hee!

Any ideas?

By Tracy



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By Denise C. 2 7 04/20/2012 Flag

How about glue them on painted card squares to make coasters.

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By lollibarb 1 07/23/2013 Flag

I have hundreds of orange and white caps. I like miniatures, so they make great flower pots (you can put little flowers in with glue and miss, etc.). Mugs and Steins by adding handles made of femo. I wish I could think of something else.

If holes could be made in them, they could be used as beads or? They are very sturdy, if you stacked them, they could probably hold up a shelf or something.

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I wonder if any of you can come up with an idea for using the white "syringe caps" that I have left after giving myself insulin. I toss several dozen per month. They are strong, sturdy, and small. Surely something could be made with them.

By JazzyMe from Los Angeles, CA

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