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Decorating and Food Ideas for a Talent Show

We are having a church wide talent show for all ages and I need decorating ideas and food ideas on a low budget.

By Debra

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By tlc1plus308/26/2011

For decor place Christmas bulbs and beads in flower vases. Make foil stars use glitter glue to write the acts on them or you could do sugar cookie bouquets (make sugar cookies and place a small dowel into it when baking.

When cooled decorate with the names of the people doing the different acts for a kids table you can place rolled paper on as table cloth and crayons for them to keep them entertained. Food: if you are doing a dinner do a potluck or do finger foods like sandwiches, pizza bites made from bisques baked in muffin pan, little smokies, celery with peanut butter.

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