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Peas Dying From the Bottom Up


My peas are dying from the bottom up. Does anyone have any suggestions?

By silversalmon from Soldotna,AK


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By kathleen williams 76 1,662 07/28/2009

You did not say what kind of peas you have. You can find info online by searching for your question, good luck.

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By dennis 1 2 07/28/2009

Thought that what I was doing!

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By Elle Johnson 5 08/03/2009

In my garden certain types of peas dry from the bottom up quite early in the season. Some peas such as snap peas never do this.

I understand this is a virus disease in the soil, and is probably not treatable, but look it up on the internet.

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By dennis 1 2 08/03/2009

Thank you very much.
The peas are sugar snaps and they are actually in a pot that has a tomato growing out of the bottom of it. Hmmmmmmm maybe that is the problem because I do not have that problem with the ones in the garden. The ones that are in the greenhouse are the ones with the problem.

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