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Tips and recipes for repelling mice. Post your ideas.


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By Amy the humane mouse trapper. (Guest Post) 01/18/2009

If you're going to use a live trap, you need to get the Havaheart brand (not sure if I spelled the brand correctly) trap that is made of metal. It would keep your pets from getting the mice once it has sprung and it actually works! I have rid my house of mice this way. It is difficult to set up sometimes because it is VERY sensitive so you end up accidently tripping it yourself but that's why it works so well - it only takes the slightly mouse touch to set it off and there are catches to make sure the mouse cannot work it's way out. It is an expensive live trap ($35 or so) but it works and you don't have to worry about mice with broken backs that are still alive in the kill traps (that's happen to me and I can't handle it). Hope this helps!

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By Senbella 1 09/14/2010

This worked just by sheer coincidence. Mice invaded my work office and my drawers were the only ones that were mice free. I drink STASH Black Chai Tea and had several bags in my desk drawer. The ingredients are cinnamon, ginger root, cinnamon oil, clove oil, all spice, nutmeg, and cardamom oil.

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By Star 1 12/20/2010

I just started having a mouse problem this week I contacted our landlord and they are using traps. I would rather not use them. I did a little research and found Fresh Cab for mice and rat control. It's all natural, non-toxic and pet friendly. You place these little baggies in corners and areas where the mice walk. The scent of the herbs deter them. I found out that the container store carries it so in the morning I'm gonna go down there and use the little baggies to my hearts content. No more mice! Hopefully. :)

I'd rather not deal with their dead bodies. Don't want my little pug to eat them. Don't want to smell a corpse rotting in between my walls or floor boards. By the way, the fresh cab company uses soy based inks, they employee handicapped individuals, they have a 100% guarantee and all their materials are earth friendly. If this works I'll be in heaven. :)

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By Lisa Labar H. 1 04/03/2013

I can't believe how cruel some of you people are. Mice do not know they are invading your home. They just want to keep warm and are hungry and thirsty. If mankind didn't take away all the wilderness, mice would have their own place to live.

Anyhow, I use humane traps and release them at a local wilderness park and to deter them from coming back I make a concoction of cinnamon oil, cinnamon, clove oil, cayene pepper and put it in a bowl with a fabric softener sheet in it. I place a couple of these bowls in everyroom and where mice may go. It does work and it's not cruel.

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By Debbie P (Guest Post) 01/02/2009

Use a trap and kill them. I put peanut butter "UNDER" the metal tab instead of on top of it. They have "to work to get" and and I always get them and it's a fast death.

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By Carol 1 11/21/2009

Hi everyone, I've just discovered this site because I also have mouse problems. Our neighbour works away, came back for an annual holiday to find the furniture stored in his garage had been eaten by mice. He cleared it all out, and we think that one or two mice took refuge in our kitchen.
I would never get a cat because here in the UK there are about 8 million pet cats, most of which are allowed to roam freely, killing birds and damaging other peoples gardens, and they are wondering why sparrows and other wild birds are becoming scarce!

My grandmother always had between 6 and 9 cats (one kept having kittens) around the house - it was always full of fleas and cat hairs (along with her cooking) - oh, and mice! They lived in every room, the cats ignored them!
Anyway, to my current problem. We have mice in the kitchen. I have bought a couple of humane traps and we caught one mouse, which we released at an ecology park a mile or so away.

We caught a couple more the next day, but they managed to get out again because we weren't quick enough to take them to the park. They haven't been near that one since, and have shown no interest in the second one so far. I've read your tips with interest and intend to try the peppermint, cloves etc. this evening. Will let you know how I get on. CarolAnn49

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By Kim 1 11/23/2009

Does any know if Downy dryer sheets will work.My cat Sookie does good in the kitchen but not in other places. I do use the glue traps but I have already had a problem with her and them,but veggie oil took the glue off. I don't use the poison because I also have a dog and another outside cat that like to mouse hunt and I don't want themto get sick. If the pepermint thing works I would like to know. Heck if anything works I'll try it.

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By Rachel 1 08/02/2010

If you want your mice to say goodbye forever here is a pet safe recipe. You will need 1 cup of flour, 1cup of sugar, and one cup of baking soda. Mix all three in a bowl and set out small amounts where the mice are in your home. Mice and other rodents can not pass gas or burp, so if you set this out and they eat it they will either swell up so much it will cut off the lungs or they will simply pop. Cats and dogs and small children can and often do pass gas, I have had a baby and they are very good at it and my dogs don't seam to have any problem in that department either.

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By Mary Lou M 1 09/09/2010

I've just sprinkled my lazy susan with pepper. I'll keep you posted as to whether it works.

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By Ben Borgman 12 11/14/2010

You need owls. We have a pair of owls and no mice problem. Except, every two years the owls disappear for about three months. When they are gone is the only time we have a rodent problem. Tried and tested method for past 12 years.

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This article went ahead and made my day.

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Last winter, I awoke with a mouse on me as I fell asleep on the sofa. We've tried the green blocks, mouse traps with treats, etc. Last year a mouse ate 1/2 banana with peel on the counter where it lay. These are disgusting disease spreading creatures!

Last week I read to try ammonia. In the two days I did use it and stayed awake all night with lights off, none came into the room. I sprayed it among all baseboard areas and near appliances in kitchen. I think it works but you have to use it often.

I did read to give it cola in a shallow dish. It will come drink then die as it cannot burp or vomit. Last year, I did not have peppermint oil so I opened a Stash Brand Peppermint tea and sprinkled it behind stove. About 1/2 hour later, a mouse ran out to the middle of kitchen as though it had ADD. I'm told the peppermint speeds up their heart rate and kills them. It seem peppermint has a calming effect on us but the opposite on them.

If our landlord took care of this property and units with these rodents in a humane way, then I wouldn't be forced to find other solutions not so humane. I can't afford all the kindest ways to get rid of who knows how many? I do wonder for all solutions we each try, how many do we attract to our homes too with the various methods. I will too try the clove and peppermint dried in cheesecloths under beds and drawers. I have none in my room or dressers but roommate does. I wish all Good Luck!

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By Janine G. 4 04/17/2013

This is insane. I have a cat (which just watched a mouse poke out from under the dishwasher and did nothing and her box is 6 feet away and does NOT deter them). They are in my garage and shed and get into everything. The have destroyed books, clothes, furniture, my sanity etc. My dogs try to catch them with little success - fast buggers. Mothballs only deterred me and my pets (mice I think just got stoned), traps they go around, mint did nothing but smell nice, poison pellets were a waste not to mention trying to keep my pets away from them.

Have a couple of feral cats under my house, the garage and kitchen are on opposite sides of the house. Not going to bother with catch and release. Don't have the money for a professional. Short of blowing this place up, is there anything that really works and does anyone actually answer these?

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By Janine G. 4 04/17/2013

Great - cat just sat and stared as a mouse ran around my kitchen before running under the dishwasher.

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By Janine G. 4 04/17/2013

Unfortunately I don't have a repellent (am working on it) but a great bait is honey! Caught 2 in 10 minutes with 1 application of honey. Couple drops on the trap will spread to make a thin film. Trap goes off but most of the honey stays on. Reset and it good to go again.

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By Janine G. 4 04/18/2013

Cat doesn't work - she like to watch them, used cat litter-nope darn things hid behind her box, ammonia- not for these guys moped the floors and soaked rags with it laying them around- no good even added rubbing alcohol another bust. Found out they are coming from my neighbor. Opened the back door and 3 scampered from his yard to under my house. They don't bother him much so he's not really worried.

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