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Using Envirotex on Countertops


I want to put more Envirotex on. How do I do this? One coat was not enough, some of the places did not cover. Thanks.

By Carol


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Archive: Using Envirotex on Countertops

I'm thinking of painting my kitchen countertops. I've read different opinions about Envirotex Lite. Can anyone share their experience with it and any helpful suggestions? Thanks.

By tcher86 from NY


RE: Suggestions for Using Envirotex on Countertops

Envirotex is designed for this purpose. It is heat and impact resistant, impervious to both alcohol or water and is resistant to a lot of the acids in foods. Normally it produces a high gloss glassy finish. You can, however, get a satin finish from envirotex with a little work. (11/24/2009)

By kffrmw88

RE: Suggestions for Using Envirotex on Countertops

Personally, I like the product that Rustoleum puts out for this express purpose. It is paint, primer, and sealer (with epoxy) all in one and is very durable. Also, no sanding required on the countertops. However, cleaning countertops of all dirt, grease and grime (right down to every corner and crevice) is imperative! Use soap and water and scrub like mad, followed by a wash down with a clean rag using ammonia or denatured alcohol. Allow to dry, then use more of the ammonia or alcohol again, making sure you got into every corner and every surface you intend to cover.

Use plenty of painter's tape to mask off areas you don't want covered. Most of your counter tops should be painted with a roller; in the areas that won't reach you need an angle brush. Don't skimp on prep work or tools. Like all this type of paint, be sure to have plenty of fresh air (open windows galore) and follow all directions on the product! (06/07/2010)

By Catamaran

Archive: Using Envirotex on Countertops

I have painted a countertop with Stone Effects and am planning to use the Envirotex Lite to top coat it. Has anyone ever done the Envirotex on a countertop that is not installed? I removed the counter to do some other work. Should I reinstall it before doing the Enviro or not?

Does anyone have any tips for getting the Enviro on the backsplash? I haven't worked with this before, but it seems like it will just slide down. I would prefer a matte surface to my countertop. Has anyone ever applied a matte finish over the Enviro? Thanks for all your help.

By Jessica from Brunswick, ME

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