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Crafts Using Brandy Snifters

Brandy Snifter

The interesting design of a brandy snifter makes it a good choice for using in craft projects. This is a guide about crafts using brandy snifters.



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Question: Pattern For Brandy Snifter Santa

Years ago I had a pattern for a santa made from a brandy snifter. He had a felt face and hat. There was an opening in the back of the hat where it came together for a person's hand to get into the brandy snifter that was filled with candy. A bell was on the top of the hat which folder over to one side. I appreciate any help I can get in getting a pattern.

PatinTexas from Amarillo, TX

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By SCarr 2 02/02/2014

I found this on you tube and I think this is what you are looking for...

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Question: Santa Pattern for Brandy Snifter Candy Dish

Does anyone have a pattern for a felt Santa face that is glued onto a brandy sniffer and the hat is separate and fits over the top of it. You lift it up to get candy out of it?

By Gloria M.

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