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Use Vodka for Disinfectant


I read in this book on cancer years ago that the best why to disinfect your house is with vodka. It was found to be the only disinfectant that wasn't toxic to cancer patients. You use 4 parts water, one part full strength vodka.

Get the cheapest brand as it doesn't matter. I put it in a spray bottle and have near the sink to clean up oopsies and bacteria from foods. You can also spray it on something like a cup or dish or anything you want to disinfect, let stand for a while and then rinse clean. I mean who wants to use bleach products on the baby's pacifier. Yuk!

Source: The Cure For Cancer Book

By Marty from Big Bear Lake, CA



By Candy Killion 10 408 03/31/2010 Flag

The Washington Post did a piece on this about four years ago: ... icle/2006/09/26/AR2006092600315.html

That basically says that most vodkas are about 80 proof, which is about 50% alcohol by volume; to get maximum disinfectant properties, you'd need the alcohol volume to be in the high 80 percentile ( hand sanitizers are in the high 70's). According to the link here, using regular vodka might make for some " happy germs" but wouldn't necessarily knock 'em out.

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By Gina Johnston 14 88 04/01/2010 Flag

Hi! Juniper Berry oil or Oregano oil added serve the purpose of addition, natural disinfectants. Good Luck!

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By susan 8 1,368 04/07/2010 Flag

The Good Housekeeping Institute has found that vinegar kills 98% of germs and is safe.

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