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Red Popsicle Stain on Carpet

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I have a red Popsicle stain on my white carpet. It has been there a little over a month. I have tried bleach and peroxide. Any suggestions would be great!

Breezina from Lehi, UT



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By christine [1]03/19/2009

I read on here that people took blood stains out of carpets with salt water and peroxide. I bet it would work for popsicle. Sprinkle salt on the area then mix 50/50 water and peroxide spray or pour on the spot and scrub with a sponge. Hope this helps.

By Kathie Haney03/19/2009

Try Oxy Clean. You could soak a rag in a solution of hot water and Oxy Clean, and lay it on the stain. Repeat until the stain is gone. Follow the directions on the can, and check it first in case it should not be used on that type of carpet fabirc. But I just used Oxy Clean to remove old baby formula stains and it worked great.

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