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Can I Refreeze a Defrosted Turkey?

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I have a problem, I ended up with two turkeys for the holiday. I bought one and got given the other. I am grateful, but the problem is that both of them defrosted. I don't know if it is afe to re-freeze it before I cook it or do I have to cook it first?

Thank you for your help. I have no idea who else to ask.

By Cindi from Portland, OR


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It must be cooked and then frozen but Google to find out how long is too long after thawed to cook safely.

By Elizabeth12/05/2010

Cook the turkey then carve it and freeze it in portion sizes for your family size. You can pull it out of the freezer and make any number of dishes with it.

By Myrna [14]11/30/2010

I would not refreeze the turkey until after it is cooked. There's a good bit of time you can freeze the meat before it should be disposed. Add a little water to the slices you plan to use and it'll be nice and moist on your sandwich.

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