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Bamboo Leaves Turning Brown

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I have a stand of bamboo (a Himalayan variety) that has done well for the past two years since planting them in San Francisco. A few months ago I noticed that the leaves were turning brown and the plants were looking stressed. I haven't changed what I've been doing for the past couple of years.

I believe that the plants are well watered, but not over watered. I thought that it may be frost damage, but with the spring leaves coming out, even a significant number of the small new leaves turn brown within a few days. The browning starts at the tip and works it's way back. Any ideas? Thanks.

By Bozlogjam from San Francisco


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By kel sheppey [1]04/24/2009

Thanks for the link. I haven't fertilized them recently.


Have you fed the plants lately? There is a website dedicated to bamboo. Here is a link to their troubleshooting page:

By Cathie04/23/2009

Make sure you do not fertilize it for a while. Bamboo plants need very little fertilizer in my own home and my husband almost killed mine with "kindness" of the blue liquid variety (i.E. 20-10-10). Some varieties need filtered light, if it is in full sun, try moving it!

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