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Fixing a Stepping Stone

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I have a beautiful stepping stone made for our garden by a relative,
that broke right down the middle and is now two pieces. Is there a way to fix it?

Thank you for your time.



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By Holly [349]10/22/2007

Some stepping stones are more for decoration than use. This might be one of them. I am thinking that you can make a concrete stepping stone and use these pieces in the middle as inserts. Some designs look interesting when they are separated into sections (like stained glass).
Or place them on to the sides of a planter, where no one will step on them.

By Becky S. (Guest Post)10/17/2007

I fixed a broken cement step with "Gorilla Glue". This
glue can be found at Walmart, also at hardware stores.
It has been over a year now and it still is holding
up perfectly. Be careful on how much you use, because
it will leak out and look messy. This is some strong
stuff. I hope this helps.

By V Price (Guest Post)10/13/2007

I found some water proof glue for cement that repaired my bird bath and a stepping stone. I found it at Home Depot. So far it is working great. Hope this helps.

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