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Vinegar and Dish Soap Not Working for Gnats

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I have gnats or fruit flies. I got rid of most of them, but the apple cider vinegar and dish soap is not working any more. Now they are mostly staying on the ceiling in the kitchen . I keep putting down fly paper, then I slide a broom near them and they fly into the paper. What are your tips?




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By Kinga (Guest Post)10/29/2008

Put a piece of banana in a dish. Place in a baggie and seal. Make a couple of small holes ( tip of a needle and stretch it a bit so they can find their way in) in the top of the baggie. Good luck. Works for me. They get in but cannot find their way out.

By Jill Wright [1]10/27/2008

I found the best thing! Boil a big pot of water. Sprinkle a box of baking soda. 1/2 on each side...into the drains. Pour about a cup of white vinegar down each side. It will bubble up and get foamy. When this stops, pour hot water down each side. I have had to do this once a week for a more gnats! After the first treatment, I only had a few left, and I wanted to make sure they were gone. That's why I did it 3 more times!

By Sherry N (Guest Post)10/27/2008

I just went though the worst infestation that you could imagine. I read everything and cleaned everything. They still came everyday. I learned that they lay eggs in your drains from where I work. In a hotel from the pest tech. You cannot get rid of them with Drano. It does not work. You need to pull your drain pipes under each sink and scrub them with a brush. Once you get rid of the eggs, keep on with the vinegar and dish soap recipe. It does work. It does take time. But you will eventually see a lot less in time.

I am down to maybe one or two every other day compared to many flying in my face every day. Cleaning you drains is the key. That is where they lay their eggs and if you do a little research on the net, you will see why you cannot kill the eggs with Drano. I have been battling them for 2 years and I am finally getting some peace. And we do not even buy fresh fruits or veggies. We work too much to cook. Hope this helps. It sure did me. Sherry

By Barb Oakes [5]10/27/2008

I found an easy way to kill em, a good spray bottle with water and a dash of liquid soap. squirt them and they can't fly and they die, also works on flies. Barb

By Louise B. [4]10/27/2008

Fruit flies can also reproduce in pop cans or drink boxes, such as in a recycle bin, or even in a dirty garbage can, if there was juice spilled in there. I think that you must try to figure out where they are coming from and get rid of their habitat. It is not particularly helpful to spray for them, as they reproduce so fast. Even toxic sprays only kill the ones that are flying about, and in a day or so, you get a whole new generation of them.

By Jess (Guest Post)10/25/2008

What is the source of the gnats? They have to be living somewhere in your house if they keep multiplying. Do you keep fruit sitting out? I used to have a potted plant where they had laid eggs and they just multiplied like crazy. I didn't want to get rid of the plant. I tried the apple cider vinegar thing and it did nothing. I talked to an employee at a plant nursery and she said that fly paper is the only non-toxic way to get rid of them besides throwing out the plant.

By Sandy O (Guest Post)10/24/2008

I use a small dish with some white wine in it. Cover with a piece of saran wrap and poke 4-6 pencil size holes in the wrap.

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