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50th Anniversary Ideas


Looking for help with 50th anniversary ideas.

By denise80 from Ft. Lauderdale, FL


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By Linda from Bloomington, IL 76 172 08/11/2009 Flag

I don't know if you mean for a party or for a gift. Mu suggestion is for a gift, it is what I did for my brothers 50th wedding anniversary. I got 50 silver dollars from the bank. I was shopping at a dollar store and just happened to find gold foil, a gold gift bag, and gold "Easter" grass. I cut up the foil and wrapped each coin seperately, taping each one shut. then I alternated a little grass and a coin or two in the bag. To open their present, they had to find the coins, and then unwrap, and count to make sure they didn't miss any. My brother knows I am kinda weird anyway, so was not surprized with my idea.

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 460 2,117 08/12/2009 Flag

Google "fake newspapers" and you will come up with a slew of them. You can make a newspaper that will be stories and photos of the couple. But, keep in mind to order two, so they can frame either side of the newspaper if they choose. It's great for a gift and for a party!!

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By Judith Ardis 22 08/12/2009 Flag

Dear friends who were celebrating their 50th anniversary didn't want a party or any kind of big deal event. Since they are both cancer survivors, I made a $50.00 contribution to the American Cancer Society in their name. It was the best choice I could have made!

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By debbie kimball 1 09/04/2009 Flag

I recently attended the 50th Anniversary party of a couple that was so wonderful. Their kids got a bunch of old/new pictures from the family album and used Smiling Snaps to compile them into a choreographed DVD show depicting their life together. It was perfectly synchronized to music and because it was professionally made, the results were awesome! It was so touching, the couple as well as many guests got emotional while watching those moments come alive on the screen!

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Archive: 50th Anniversary Ideas

My parents 50th wedding anniversary is coming very quickly and I am struggling for ideas. We are not having a party because we had a huge 70th birthday party for both of them last year. We are renting condos in southern Indiana and the whole family will be together and I am looking for ideas of what we could do that would be special. I would really appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks.

disneygirl from Crown Point, IN


RE: 50th Anniversary Ideas?

My parents were very poor and never went anywhere because they didn't have the money or the clothes to wear. Their 6 children respected their wishes not to have a "big party". So we came up with the idea to send post cards to everyone that my parents knew over the years as well as the president (who will respond) and governor, senators, and congressmen. The post card informed the receiver of their 50th wedding anniversary and gave the date and their address, with a request that they "send a card" of congratulations.

"A card shower" ensued. My parents were "elated" when they would go to the mailbox each day for nearly a month and find the cards. I think the number they received was well over one hundred. Mom would read each one, some enclosed stories, money, and congratulations. It took some time before they both realized how people knew they were celebrating an anniversary. We took all the cards and put them in a scrapbook for them to review whenever they wanted, and they did. We had a very small family party and presented the album to them.


By Judy

RE: 50th Anniversary Ideas?

For my grandparents' 50th anniversary some years back, the family booked a large table at a restaurant. Each family paid for their own meals and everyone chipped in with the cost of our grandparents meal. We'd also chipped in and bought them a nice gold coloured clock (to denote the passing of time). The were so happy just to be taken out for a meal, it's amazing what older people appreciate. Just the thought and the treat and being treated specially for the evening.

Another idea would be to purchase an album and either a disposable camera (or someone bring a camera) and take photos of everyone celebrating. Then pop them into the album as a keepsake of the evening with perhaps a wedding photo of the special couple at the beginning. Hope they have a great day with whatever you decide. (06/16/2006)

By jojo

RE: 50th Anniversary Ideas?

Set up a slide projector that runs automatically during the dinner party or at least cocktail hour. Show slides of them when they were younger. Perhaps photos of their wedding or when the children were young. Eveyone enjoys seeing themselves in pictures.

Stay away from buying gifts that they can't use. If you like, pool your money to buy something they need or a nice vacation. This party is a nice gift in itself.

Make a keepsake album for them with photos of people in attendance. Play games like you'd do at a shower. (06/16/2006)

By Carol in PA

RE: 50th Anniversary Ideas?

I just read a lot of good ideas for people whose parents were having their 50th anniversary. Here is another idea a friend of mine used when their parents were celebrating their 50th. They threw a Hawaiian party, as their parents always wanted to go to Hawaii and couldn't afford the trip. Everyone dressed up and served Hawaiian foods and the parents loved it. I also like the sending card party what a great idea. (06/16/2006)

By miraclelady50

RE: 50th Anniversary Ideas?

We sent out letters to friends and families asking them to write a funny story, tribute, or best wishes to be included in a scrapbook we were making as a surprise. Each of their children and grandchildren found pictures that were special to them and wrote something to or about them. The kids loved making their own pages and it was special for all involved. We also included their wedding pictures and other treasured family photos. (08/07/2006)

By Valerie

RE: 50th Anniversary Ideas?

Last October we celebrated our 50th. I had our original brides maids' bouquets duplicated for center pieces. In the center of each centerpiece, I used 8 x 4 inch diameter glass vases and inserted pictures from our wedding album that I copied on translucent paper. Then I used brite lite voltives (not real candles) to illuminate.

We had gold chargers, with white china, gold table cloth with white overlay and gold napkins. It was stunning. We also had our bakery duplicate our wedding cake. We displayed my wedding dress and his white dinner jacket. Also, we displayed albums covering our 25th, and 40th Anniversary, as well as framed pictures.

For favors I got gold Christmas tree ornaments and printed our names on ribbons (you can order that) and tied the ribbons to the ornaments and placed at each place setting. We had a friend record all of our 50s music and used that for our dance music played by our DJ. (01/26/2008)

By Kylee

RE: 50th Anniversary Ideas?

My grandparents are celebrating their 50th this year in September. Since they were married in 1958, we are throwing them a 50's themed party. Everyone will be dressed up from that era and we are even renting a car from back then to have them show up in. (02/05/2008)

By Jessica B.

RE: 50th Anniversary Ideas?

In lieu of a gift, the family is spending the weekend together at the same place we celebrated my grandparents' 50th. On a smaller note, I'm having The White House send a card and I'm also buying disposable cameras for all 7 grandchildren (ages 6-14) to commemorate the event.

I read this tidbit and loved it. "I am the only daughter with 3 brothers and so I am starting now to get ahead for my brothers can't think past the day they are on." So true. (05/28/2008)

By Amy

RE: 50th Anniversary Ideas?

We are having a DVD made of their dating pictures, wedding, and family pictures of special events in everyone's lives up to a most current picture with 50's music in the background. I would like to know how you get note from the "Whitehouse" that would be really cool. Does anyone know? (07/07/2008)

By Mary B.

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