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Dander Reducing Shampoo Recipe


I am allergic to my dog. I've got filters and I've been bathing her once a week and vacuuming with a hepa filter and keeping the house as clean as possible. This has helped pretty well I think. Only time will tell if it will continue to get better. It's been pretty good for the past 3 or 4 days though.

I've been reading a lot about these dander reducing shampoos, sprays and wipes on the market. I'm sure there is a cheap way to make a version of these products yourself. Does anyone know of a way?

Sara from Virginia



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By Carol (Guest Post) 02/13/2006 Flag

If you were to remove your pet from your home, it would take 6 months before you would see relief from your allergies.. Buy a hepa air purifier (or Ionic Breeze) for your bedroom and dont let your dog in the bedroom.. You spend most of your time in the bedroom as that is where you sleep.. Keep that area pet free... Best of luck

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By Judi 24 02/13/2006 Flag

I am allergic to dogs...I have two of them. The allergy problem comes from their dander. The more frequently you bath dogs, the more dander they will have. Once a week is too often. Your vet would tell you that. Try no more than once a month, even every two months unless they get "doggy" inbetween. Brushing or combing them frequently helps. Good luck!

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By gator10tx (Guest Post) 05/07/2006 Flag

I'm allergic to both cats 'n dogs... their dander, that is. They're allowed all over the house but NOT on the furniture. B/c the cat 'forgets' this rule, the bed and couch are covered w/thick plastic when i'm not there... the 4 mil kind found in the painters section along w/other 'drop cloths'. The ones for 99cents are too thin... claws poke holes in them easily.

It's been noticed that the pet dander will not activate an allergic response as long as it's left alone on the floor; use a vacuum cleaner not a broom.

Pets are petted at 'arm's length' rather than gathered into my arms (unless I'm on my way to change clothes or bathe). Hands are washed right away, as are other spots, like arms 'n legs, after touching a pet. My pets have also learned to accept my petting them w/my shoe-covered feet. This way they can get their attention w/o my having to stop everything to go wash up.

Also, make sure the top of your bed is far enough away from the floor where the allergens accumulate.

When you're housecleaning, shake rugs outdoors, or while you stand at an open door... place the door between you and the rug, by extending only an arm outdoors, then shake it; also check for which way the wind is blowing so the dust, etc will fall away from rather than towards you.

Dust using a wet cloth or one sprayed w/an 'Endust' product. Less dust will become airborne.

For me, using conditioner after shampooing helps w/any dander problems. You might try it next time you bathe your pet. Dandruff is just flaking skin which can be tamed w/conditioner.

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By Samantha (Guest Post) 05/22/2006 Flag

Regarding putting tea tree in pet shampoo - DON'T! Tea tree is very poisonous to cats. Cats also can't metabolise essential oils like other animals and people so don't put any essential oils on their skin or give it to them orally. The essential oils can accumulate in their blood and organs and become toxic.

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By dee sugars mom (Guest Post) 04/04/2007 Flag

I found that giving "Sugar" vitamin E (400 IU) daily on her food, it cut way down on here dander. Plus I did brush her daily. I checked with my Veterinary and he said that was a good idea, it would not hurt her for sure.

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By JRT (Guest Post) 05/27/2007 Flag

My dog had a bad case of dander and I'm one of those who is badly allergic to any furry animals. But since I try using "Head & Shoulders - Sensitive Care" on my dog (yes I know I'm not supposed to use human products on dogs!), the dander is gone and my allergies got better. I've been using it for years now and my dog and I are just happy and healthy :)

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By Nan Corpe 7 290 08/01/2008 Flag

Try Neem Pet Shampoo. I was told about it on this site and I tried it for a skin problem on my dog. It cleared up with the first bath. I think it would work miracles to reduce your pet's dander also. I highly recommend it. You can buy it at health food stores or pet sites online.

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