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Homemade Fishing Bait Recipes

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I do a lot of fishing. I would like to find the recipe for making bait that will catch fish easily.

By Kashif


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By packersgirl08/19/2010

I was out of bait and I put a small marshmallow in a piece of canned corn (any kind) or in wet cat food and a 7 pound rainbow trout jump out and ate it.

By jimmie lol07/06/2010

I fish for channel cats a lot. I use my home made bait here's how I make it. It can be made in several ways take some hamburger play with it for a while till its soft then I put it into a bowl, add corn fakes and mix them well. Then I add flower or corn meal until my mix starts to harden up. Then you roll it into small balls and throw it on your line.

By Susan [5]05/17/2009

If you fish for Catfish, I make my own dough balls and the Cats just LOVE them.

1 can Fancy Feast Cat food (Tuna and Shrimp)

Dump the cat food into a large bowl, juices and all. Start adding flour slowly (sorry I never measured how much I actually used) until you can kneed it by hand and it does not stick to your hand. Form into 1/2inch to 1inch balls (depending on how big your treble hooks are). Secure a ball at the TOP of the treble hook, just barely touching the hooks. Cast out and let it sit. You'll have bites soon!

You can also add cream corn and Catfish LOVE shrimp.

By Jan [14]04/14/2009

I have a recipe I haven't tried yet, here it is Magic Fish Bait
oil of rhodium
1 oz. mixed with 1/2 oz of anise
Put on bait.
I never heard of oil of rhodium, I would think you could get it at a health store. I plan to try it this year.
Good luck

By soizic bluestone [5]04/14/2009

I am not a fisher but I did see someone do this and I asked a lot of questions because it was amazing. If you go fishing in the ocean bring / or fish for a sea creature, they were using an octopus leg. Then stake it at the waters edge where the gentle surf laps at the sand.

After a while of waves moving over the staked sea creature take a small fishing net (usually the ones with handles) and gently scoop up some of the sand near the stake ---- slowly shake net as you are pulling it up to dislodge sand from net leaving small crab like creatures.

Bucket these small creatures and when you are ready to go fishing you bait the hook with them. Make sure that the hook does not kill the crablike creature because you want the wiggling crab to attract the fish. Good luck

By Mary Lou [14]04/14/2009

Wanna try something really off the wall, try gummi worms, if you can find the brown/clear variety all the better. Not sour ones or any with sugary coatings, just the regular ones, not too bright colored if possible. Apparently, according to my dh, when they hit the water they give off a milky trail that the fish love. Also, if you get hungry and aren't catching anything, you can always eat the bait and gross out surrounding fishermen! haha

RE: Homemade Fishing Bait Recipes

By Sandi [390]04/13/2009

My dad used to have a lot of success using cheese mixed and "kneaded" with a bit of bread and put on the hook. Good luck!

By kimberly [1]04/10/2009

Have you heard of zote soap? if not, its a pink bar of laundry soap. I use it it make homemade laundry detergent, others swear it makes a great catfish bait. i found these directions on how to melt it down with garlic and such.

You need to either grind up the soap, or use a cheese grater to make it fairly fine. Then add water and let it soak for a while.

Put on very low heat making sure you still have some water in it. Then add your anise and garlic, or what ever you want to it.

Keep stirring till it's mixed well, then pour contents into a plastic container that will hold all of it, and let set for a day to firm back up.

Now empty contents out on to a cutting board and proceed to cut your soap into strips about 3/4 to 1" wide. Depending on how thick your soap is, will determine if you need to turn the strips over on their side and make another cut.

I like to add garlic and bacon grease to my soap. The more oily the better for leaving a film, when you use it as bait. Catfish will follow the film it puts off, to the bait.

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