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Removing Stains from White Clothes


Bad stain on white clothes? Don't throw the item away. If you have stains from blood, fruit (such as blueberries) wine, coffee, mustard even barbecue sauce, pre-soak item in very hot water with laundry soap for 10 minutes then launder as usual. Check garment for any stains before placing in dryer. If stain remains or if stain has dried on soak item as stated above and the pour 3% hydrogen peroxide directly on stain. Stain should dissolve away in 15 to 30 minutes. Some stains may take longer. Do not let garment dry out during this process. If the stain is on color garment, test small area before using on stain.

Source: Part of this tip are from 1996 Edition of consumer report book "How to Clean Practically Anything." The tip on peroxide is a old home remedy.

By Shelly from Minneapolis, MN


By Dee Terry 3 60 01/25/2011

Haven't tried the first part of this. By the time I notice a stain it's dry. I can speak about the peroxide. Some members of my family work in a large laundry cleaning business. They do the laundry for many hospitals in the area. Peroxide is used in large quantities for what you describe. I've used it too. Sometimes those old home remedies do work.

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Question: Removing Stains on White Clothing

How do I remove stains from a white top?

By Wendy

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By ComputerScott 1 30 10/19/2011

An oxyclean bleach pen would work. Any one those special house hold stain removers would work. what kind of stain is it, and how long has it been sitting in the fabric? Whatever you do, when a stain first happens, don't run it under hot water! Use cold. The hot water will ferment it more.

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Archive: Removing Stains From White Clothes

Tips for removing stains from white clothing. Post your ideas.

Stains on White Clothes

Spray white vinegar and warm water on white clothes with stains before laundering. (03/29/2005)

By Kelly Letterman

RE: Removing Stains From White Clothes

What an opportune tip - I have just had a black pen leak into the top pocket of a white shirt - a very severe stain. I almost removed it the last time this happened but it is so bad this time I have resorted to pouring neat bleach onto the stain, and then soaking it in a strong solution of bleach AND an oxy plus soaker. I'm going to leave it in there a couple of days but I suspect this shirt may be past redemption! (03/29/2005)

By Jo Bodey

RE: Removing Stains From White Clothes

As long as the item that is stained is cotton/white then fill a large pot with water (heat the water) to very hot (not boil) add Bleach to the pot then add your garment and let it soak for a while. Take the garment out and re-wash in your washer and the stains will be removed from that garment. (03/29/2005)

By MissA1126

RE: Removing Stains From White Clothes

For black gel ink or any other ink you can try aerosol hairspray directly on the stain, rinse in hot water and spray until stain is gone. The ink will turn a purpilish color then you just pre treat and wash.

For blood stains use hydrogen peroxide (bleach usually turns area brownish color). This is coming from a nurse with lots of trial and error. (10/09/2005)


Archive: Removing Stains From White Clothes

How do I remove 'water' stains on the hem of my white pants. I have already sent them to the dry-cleaners and they can't even seem to get rid of them.

Nina from Cape Town

RE: Removing Stains From White Clothes

For blood stains; it is Important to first rinse the stain in cold water. Most of the blood, if not all, will rinse out in cold water. Hot water 'sets' blood stains and if you put the item with the blood stain in hot water first it will take lots of bleach and washing to get it out. Good luck! (06/29/2007)

By Liz

RE: Removing Stains From White Clothes

I've heard of using baking soda. haven't tried it out myself. I'll probably can give it a shot. Cheers. (10/10/2007)

By anonymous

RE: Removing Stains From White Clothes

Spray hairspray on ballpoint pen marks on clothing before laundering and the pen marks melt away, then launder. (11/05/2007)

By Sharon

RE: Removing Blood Stains From White Clothes

You never rinse your bloody clothings with plain water. This will rupture the red blood cell membrane and you won't be able to remove the red spots. Instead, soak your clothes in the salted water (0.009 dilution) and then wash it with soap and water. Enjoy your good job! (06/01/2008)

Archive: Removing Stains from White Clothes

I made a mistake and washed my very nice white skirt with something red. Now the skirt is red tinged. How can I get that red color out? I'm soaking it in clorox all fabric detergent now, but the stains remain.

Thank you,

RE: Removing Stains from White Clothes

Removing red dye stain that was transferred to an all white piece of clothing: use rit color dye/color remover. It works! laura in WA (06/13/2008)

By anbsmommy

RE: Removing Stains from White Clothes

Try soaking in dishwasher detergent over night. Get the water as hot as you can, stir the detergent until it disappears, I use Electrasol, but any brand will do. (06/14/2008)

By elva

Archive: Removing Stains from White Clothes

How do I remove tea stains from white clothes?


Archive: Removing Stains from White Clothes

How do I remove red color on a white cotton sweater? It got wet in a flood.

By Suzanne

RE: Removing Stains from White Clothes

If it's 100% cotton, regular household bleach should work. Don't put it in the dryer. Just use regular strength although you may have to do it more than once. (11/14/2010)

By takelababy

RE: Removing Stains from White Clothes

Soak it in Biz. I like the powder. Years ago i washed a pair of light blue pants with something red and thought they were ruined. I soaked them in biz over night and then washed them and they came out great. Good luck! (11/15/2010)

By lynjohnson