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Homemade Toilet Paper

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Does anybody know how to make toilet paper? Not just using rags and rewashing. But paper, like you make homemade paper only suitable for bathroom use.

Beth from Bloomfield, IN



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By kathleen williams [23]11/30/2008

Hi. Yes the info is online, good luck.

By kathleen williams [23]11/30/2008

You might locate this info online. I have not tried yet, good luck.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]11/01/2008

I buy mine from the dollar tree and it's thick, soft and only .25 per roll. I believe in being thrifty, but I think there are just some things we need to buy.

If it's an irritation, you can get unscented, like mine is. If it's plumbing problems, you can get the kind that is biodegradable for camping and rv users. Good luck!

By KL [3]10/31/2008

I agree with poodlemom. Plus it would be tough to get it soft enough not to harm your bum and strong enough to hold up to business and to not leave 'lint' on your bum. You would have to make it safe for septic systems if you have one and to breakdown quickly when wet. Store bought T.P. is made to start degrading in short time otherwise it would clog up your system. That is why you shouldn't flush Kleenex tissues down the toilet.It would be hard to balance all that out and still make it cheaper than the real deal.

By Llyvona Swartwood10/31/2008

My husband works at Georgia Pacific and makes toilet paper for a living. But to duplicate this process at home wouldn't be cost effective. Sears and Roebuck doesn't make a catalog big enough anymore so I don't have any ideas. Sorry.

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