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Best Dry Cat Food to Help Reduce Litterbox Odor


We have a 3 year old indoor cat and were wondering what is the best dry cat food diet we could give her. When we first got her, we tried to give her the wet can of food we got with her, but she threw it up. So, she doesn't like any canned food. We have been giving her bulk dry cat food from the grocery store. She seems to be OK with it, except that her litter box odor has gotten kinda of bad.

I've just been reading about diets and litter box odor and that there might just be a connection. What is the best kind of dry cat food to feed her so her litter box won't smell so bad?

By Linda from Brighton, MI


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By Jill 4 738 06/24/2011

The specialty cat clinic in our area no longer recommends a diet of dry food, saying that they (dry foods) have surprisingly high sugar contents. Since they have done this, they have seen a 30% drop in the rates of diabetes in their clientele.

Now, I don't have a cat, and only heard this from a (trusted) source; but I would say doing some good online research would be a good idea. A call to your vet might be a good idea, too; and a call shouldn't cost you anything.

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By vicki hood 4 564 06/27/2011

I have found Evo to be the best. It has no corn, wheat or soy which are often allergens. Cats and dogs on Evo or California naturals eat less because their systems are satisfied. There are no fillers, no euthanized animals (true) and no garbage. Always read the ingredients and avoid health problems. Good food, avoid vaccines, a bunch of love and your pet will have a great auto-immune system. Fewer visits to the vet. Health is precious.

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By Robyn 369 748 06/27/2011

I ought to be feeding ours wet cat food but they like the dry so much I use the one formula. The main thing is to try to see that real meat is the first ingredient. By Products do not equal meat. If it says Chicken as the first ingredient than that food has real meat as the main ingredient,

I have noticed even the ones at the vet don't pass my test of real meat being the first ingredient.

Also the better you feed your pet the foods with real meat as the first ingredient, the less bulk wasted matter there will be in the litter box. If you spend an extra ten dollars on food or so, they will eat less and the price will usually be about the same, since they will eat less. They wont eat less at first, but gradually they will.

I have found this out about cats. If they don't eat one wet can food, try another one, again with meat as a first ingredient.


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By Lizzyanny 9 1,219 06/28/2011

I prefer Costco (Kirkland) brand. It has chicken at the 1st ingredient and none of the thing you want to avoid. It is also inexpensive and the cats like it.

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By Linda Delcamp 48 19 06/28/2011

This is for robynfederspiel:
What is the one formula and where can you get it around Brighton, MI?

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By Judy 30 07/27/2011

Purina One can be gotten at most any store, Wal-Mart, Woodman's, etc. I found Woodman's to be cheaper as Purina One is more expensive. I had a cat that had a delicate stomach and I found that Purina One worked best. Right now I'm using the Smart Blend.

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