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Trumpet Vine Not Flowering

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Trumpet Vine Not Flowering

Your trumpet vine is growing and leafing out quite nicely, but there are no blooms. This is a guide about a trumpet vine not flowering.



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Question: Trumpet Vines Not Flowering

I have had a trumpet vine for about 3 years, but no flowers. Why?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

Millie from Roanoke, VA


Most Recent Answer

By rookie (Guest Post)07/10/2008

I have had my trumpet vines for 2 years they are planted around a telephone pole in my yard the one facing the sun is growing nicely but has no blooms the one behind the pole doesn't get very big but it is still trying. At the end of season do I cut theese back before a frost or should I wait until the spring to cut it back. I would like it to eventually bloom and cover the pole I live in the PA area. Any suggestions would be helpful

Question: Trumpet Vine Not Blooming

I planted a trumpet vine approximately five years ago at the base of an oak tree. It has grown up the tree at least forty feet, but never blooms. It is in a sunny location. It is amazing that it flourishes, but does not bloom. Why?

By Linda M

Solutions: Trumpet Vine Not Flowering

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Archive: Trumpet Vines Not Flowering

Q: I have two rather large trumpet vines. One of them has an abundance of flowers while the other one has never had even one flower on it. The one without "trumpets" on it is also a lot larger. The vine that has the trumpets (flowers) is also the only one that ever has seedpods on it. Is it possible that one is a male plant and the other one is female?


A: Sue,

Trumpet Vines are hermaphrodites (contain both male and female parts) so that isn't the problem. You don't mention whether or not your trumpet vines are planted next to each other so I'm going to assume that they are growing in different spots in your yard. First make sure its basic needs are being met, and if not, move it to a new location. These are beautiful vines that prefer lots of sun and a sheltered (somewhat windless) spot to grow in. They are quite drought tolerant and actually do better in "lean" soil with little or no fertilizer. Many people grow them for years without seeing flowers (they need to be at least 3 years old before they bloom) and eventually lose patience and give up. At times, it seems like some plants need a little "scare" or "kick-in-the-pants" to get going. Consider trying the "hack it, starve it, ignore it" method. Pinching back long stems will encourage flowering because blooms set on new growth. In the spring, cut it well back before new leaves emerge, don't fertilize it and threaten to get the shovel if it doesn't start producing. Now ignore it and see what happens.

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Archive: Trumpet Vines Not Flowering

This is the fourth summer for my trumpet vine and it still has not flowered. Why?


RE: Trumpet Vines Not Flowering

They won't bloom until they are 7 years old. (07/03/2007)

By Sandy

RE: Trumpet Vines Not Flowering

I'm not sure if you cut it back in the Fall, but that is what I do with mine, and I've even had to cut it back some while it's growing (before it sets flowers). Good luck.

P.S. I bought mine through a catalog and I did have to get it replaced because the first one never made it. (07/05/2007)

By Maryeileen