Can I Freeze Corn in the Husk?


Can corn be frozen in the husk?

By Bob from Burwell, Cambs. England


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By Kathy 8 08/26/2010

Blanching the corn for 5 minutes prior to freezing is necessary to keep it from loosing flavor. But, there's no health risk to freezing it whole in the husk; the corn just will not maintain the quality of its flavor and appearance as long in the freezer. It may have noticeably less flavor after weeks rather than months.

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You can indeed freeze in the husk without blanching but the cobs will begin to lose their sweetness (flavor) at about seven or eight weeks. I freeze in the husk but remove the silk first (gently but firmly pull back the husks without pulling them completely off) and then replace the husks and tie off with string or a rubber band to re-secure at the top. Also, do not wash without completely patting dry or the moisture will break down the corn kernels more quickly when freezing.

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By Sharon 1 08/27/2010

Kozy, yes you can freeze corn still in the husk. Just put the whole thing in a trash bag, close up really good. When needed just pull apart, the silks will fall right off. Some folks will cook their corn still in the husks on the grill.

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By Julia 147 1,074 08/27/2010

Freezing fresh corn-on-the-cob with husks left on is the only way we've ever frozen it. I've never even removed the silks as they fall off so easily when cooked. If there are any damaged husks, I do remove them as well as trimming the ends neatly, then we wrap each ear individually in aluminum foil and then wrap 4 together in the white freezer wrap, then date each packet.

When ready to cook, I just unwrap a 4-Pack, remove the number of ears I want to cook, and put them in an open baking pan or dish with the husks still intact. The corn has a flavor of just being picked and takes about an hour to cook thoroughly in the oven at 375 degrees F.

If we are cooking on the grill outside, I still bake it in the oven first, then bring it out to go on the grill still in the foil, and only leave it on about 5 minutes. Turn it a few times just to keep it from scorching.

Adults are responsible for shucking their own corn, and the adults take care of that little chore for all the children as well. It is still one of our favorite summer and fall outdoor treats.

I hope this helps you decide to do things the easy way. :-)


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