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Looking For a Recipe to Make Mirin

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I am looking for a recipe to make mirin.

Antoinette Perry from Hi



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By Denise [6]10/01/2007

I live in Japan so can buy mirin easily, but I usually use brown sugar to replace it in recipes that call for soy sauce, mirin and sugar. Since it is fermented I should think it would take forever to make. Brown sugar (medium dark) gives you the same taste in the finished product. Just use the amount of sugar recommended as brown rather than white. Saves money too.


By Jess [119]09/28/2007

Here is a link I found for making mirin on an industrial scale.

It sounds like a lengthy process, like making any wine or alcohol.


By joan pecsek [88]09/28/2007

Put the following in your browser: make sake at home. This site has all the info you need but it's so much simpler and cheaper to buy it.

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