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Hanging Curtains Without Damaging Walls

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How do you hang curtains without damaging the walls and without using tension rods? My daughters college will not let them put nails or screws in the walls and there is no way to use a tension/spring rod.

By coolgsleadr


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By Cookie Stephens [5]08/02/2009

Depending on the size of the window wall you could place a tension rod from wall to wall and hang curtains from that. What about using those plastic hooks that have that sticky stuff on the back that is easily removed. I'll bet a rod could be placed in the hook part.

By susan [5]07/29/2009

There are mail -order companies that have rods where the metal ends hook over the corners of the wood molding that are made just for this reason. Or try that static vinyl that you place on windows for privacy. Have your daughter talk to the dorm Residence Advisor to see what other student have used in the past.

By Cricket [201]07/28/2009

If those 3M things don't work, maybe she could put frosted contact paper on the windows? At the very least it would provide her the privacy that she needs.

Hasn't her college ever heard of privacy? What an awful rule! You'd think they'd provide curtain rods!

By Margy Hill [1]07/26/2009

I was wondering about sticking to rough surfaces too. My daughters dorm room is all cinderblock walls.

By Joan [13]07/26/2009

Do those 3M hooks stick to rough surfaces like slightly texured walls or textured ceramic tile. As far as that goes the wood trim around the windows in my apartment aren't real smooth either. I have wondered about this for some time.

By Deanj07/25/2009

I would use the 3M product because it will come off the wall with out leaving any marks. Just follow directions. The velcro adhesive will gouge the wall when you want to remove it.

By Terri [5]07/24/2009

3M makes hooks in different sizes that go on with an adhesive but you can take them off, they leave no residue. I think they are called Command. I've used them to hang a lot of stuff, but never curtains. You can get them at Walmart or Home Depot. Maybe they would work!

By Frances Adams [11]07/24/2009

If the curtains are lite weight, or fairly so, then apply those large squares of velcro to the wall above the window, and onto the back top of curtains as well, and just stick them up there!

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