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Making Massage Candles

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Where can I purchase cocoa butter, almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter to make massage candles? Thanks. Joyce



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By Kat [7]05/09/2009

I purchase all these things and many more at . They also have recipes for all sorts of things, and you can ask questions about your concerns! Best of luck and Have fun!

By Redwicket [3]05/09/2009

What exactly Are Massage Candles? Do you use them to massage with...not lit? Or burn them while doing a massage? Anyhoo, you can buy all of that and more at Mountain Rose Herbs, an Oregon based company that I have ordered from for years with wonderful service and quality. They have a website where you can order and request a catalog. They are also on Facebook.

By Lucy Bedell05/09/2009

I have seen cocoa butter, almond oil, coconut oil, and shea butter all at our local health food store: Earth Fare. Try to goodle and look up each item. it's worth a try. Good luck

By Barb05/09/2009

I typed in purchase shea butter in a google search and went to this site: ... 78/unrefined-african-shea-butter.cfm
I looked in the right hand margin under listed cocoa butter and shea butter. I would google the same thing for the oils; type in purchase almond oil. Good luck!

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