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Getting Worms Off Fresh Broccoli

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How do you get worms off fresh broccoli?

By naohsnanny from Maynardville,TN


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By Dorothy [40]07/14/2010

Cauliflower, broccoli or even herbs, like spinach always add salt to cold water and add the vegetable and let it stand for few minutes and rinse off the salt. Salt kills any insects. If you soak vegetables in hot water, they will loose most of the nutrients and by the time you cook them they will go limp.

By Patty [6]06/27/2010

Blanch broccoli in boinling water for a few seconds. Plunge the broccoli into cold water, and the worms show up white, while the broccoli will be a brilliant green. Pick the worms off, and then cook the broccoli as usual.

By Arlene Wallin06/27/2010

If you want to not have that problem, put cheap nylon netting over plants. It's the white butterflies that lay the eggs that turn into those nasty worms you have to deal with. Netting is wonderful. I like home grown broccoli again. ;0)

By Arlene [1]06/26/2010

Fill sink with hot water, add 6 tablespoons salt, soak broccoli for 2-3 minutes. Worms will fall to bottom. Rinse and soak in cold water 2-3 minutes.

By Gloria Hayes [18]06/26/2010

A sink with a strong vinegar/water solution. just soak it,then after all the worms fall off, rinse the vinegar off.

By AvaElizabeth [4]06/24/2010

My Mom always soaked the broccoli in cold salt water. Apparently any worms just float to the top. Hope this works

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