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Making Suit Pants Smaller

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I need to alter my husbands new suit pants 4 inches smaller in the waist. Any suggestions for a professional looking job?

Betty from Warrensburg, MO



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By Linda (Guest Post)09/26/2008

This is not a job for an amateur. For a professional look, go to a professional. And congrats to your husband for losing weight!

By pam munro [447]09/24/2008

A simple answer is that most good men's pants have a back seam that opens to make them easy to alter in the waist - If those pants do, just open the back seam and then fit them inside out on your husband to get a good fit - maybe you will have to have them loose to make the pants hang right, as taking away four inches is a lot...but perhaps 2 inches on each side wouldn't show - you have to see.

By mcw [80]09/24/2008

I have a paperback book entitled: Altering Men's Ready-To-Wear.

It is way too complicated to explain how to accomplish this in a single post.

Please send me a message, and include your email address. I'll email you the instructions and photos through a PDF file.

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