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Tape Residue On Leather

How do I get really sticky tape residue off a brand new leather golf bag?

Reid from Pleasant Ridge Michigan

Recent Answers

By Jo Bishop08/02/2009

I tried the WD-40 and it worked perfectly (no harm done to the leather sofa - tape residue off straight away).

By julie, LA (Guest Post)09/16/2006

For my leather shoe, I used olive oil and Pam spray because that's all I had in a hurry. It worked with a little scraping!

By CCS (Guest Post)05/24/2006

Rub with Peanut Butter!! It works wonders.

By Claudia- MD (Guest Post)05/10/2006

Isn't this annoying ! I would use Goo Gone (but first try it on a part of the coat that doesn't show, in case it lifts the dye.

By (Guest Post)05/10/2006

Here are some tips I found on the web for tape residue :

Washable Surfaces: Cover label with a cloth or sponge saturated with warm vinegar and let stand. When the label is saturated, it should peel off without scraping or causing damage. Rinse. (Note: Use this method only on washable surfaces and washable paint.)

Plastic: If the label on the plastic has been wet, or the article has been stored where it was hot or humid, it will be more difficult to remove. Dampen a small piece of cloth, or the end of a swab stick (cotton twisted on the end of a wooden match or orange stick). Dip cotton end in dry cleaning fluid. Allow the fluid to remain on the label only long enough to allow the label to be rubbed off. Wipe away excess fluid immediately, and wash article in sudsy water and dry. (DO NOT ALLOW FLUID TO REMAIN ON THE PLASTIC SURFACE VERY LONG, AS IT WILL DULL THE FINISH OF THE PLASTIC.)

Other methods require good ventilation - open doors, windows and turn off pilot light Soak a rag in Naptha, or cigarette lighter fluid. Wiped on the surface this may break the glue bond. If it does not try Denatured Alcohol - wiped over surface with cloth, works on some adhesives that naptha misses.

A commercial product - Goof Off also does the trick, although it is flammable, dangerous, dissolves latex paint and plastics etc.

By (Guest Post)05/08/2006

WD-40 works great!!

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