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I have a daughter; she is 10 years old. When it's summertime and hot weather outside I give her jeans/denim shorts to wear without underwear. Is that wrong or okay? Maybe not so good or maybe okay?

By Linda


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By Joan 13 1,482 04/12/2011

With shorts if she sits a certain way and the legs of the shorts gap, people might be able to see she doesn't have underwear on. However, my opinion is that the underwear will absorb sweat better than denim. If she gets too warm, there are lighter weight fabrics than denim that she could wear.

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By Lisa 2 656 04/12/2011

She's 10 years old? She'll be hitting puberty soon (if she hasn't already). I think underwear is a good idea. Plus, I think denim would feel scratchy on sensitive areas!

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By PAMELA 9 04/13/2011

Have her try on the shorts and see if there is a possiblity of some exposure, by trying them on ahead of time both of you will know weither or not to wear underwear. Underwear are not an essential under garment that needs to be worn, it is more a society expectation. You should always have personal protection (underware) on if you are trying on clothes from department stores for sanitary reasons. At 50 yrs of age I like not wearing underware when it is hot out but I make sure that I am properly covered up. Enjoy your summer.

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By Mary Lou 14 765 04/13/2011

In my opinion, ten is too old to go without underwear particularly if her jeans and shorts are tight or too small. As mrs.story said, she is close if not in puberty and should not take chances with her personal space that way. One question, why has she been going without underwear so far? is she irritated by heat? Do they bunch on her?

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By Lilian 106 04/13/2011

I vote for, not so good light cotton underwear. It is comfortable, covers up personal parts, soaks up the occasional dribble and the occasional poor wiping. Soaks up sweat and can be washed in hot water with Clorox. It also keeps personal parts from getting irritated and overstimulated from having a seam right through the middle of the personals.

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By Lilac 20 1,333 04/13/2011

I wouldn't do it in a million years. Diapers, then underware for life. I never heard of little girls going without underware for any reason.

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By Wilma Long 1 50 04/13/2011

If she gets used to wearing no underwear under shorts and jeans is she going to want to do the same under dresses?
No way would I start that. Others have given you very good reasons, and I hope you take their advice.

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By Robyn Fed 394 1,240 04/13/2011

Sores can appear from the non smooth surface of the jeans. Furthermore, cysts can be painful and get infected from the sores that could develop. I would prefer the underwear for th protection of the sensitive skin and for the simple fact that it is softer feeling also.

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By Heather 36 04/13/2011

I have a hard time with my 8 year old son. Ever since he could walk he has wanted to be naked! The first thing he does when he gets home from school is strip down to his shorts, so I know where you're coming from with this question. For my son, I make sure he wearing underwear to school and other public places. At home, at night, on weekends... He can "be free". I suggest you sit & talk with her. Being 10, she's going to be maturing rapidly the next few years. It's important to discuss what is appropriate to wear & why we wear undies. Also, discuss the other issues that come with hygiene, cleanliness, periods etc. Not to mention what can be seen when sitting certain ways etc. Maybe the two of you can come to a compromise, like I did with my son. It's important for her to understand why she needs proper undergarments instead of just saying no.

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By Helen 3 32 04/14/2011

I think you are giving your daughter a lovely free childhood, and probably in more ways than just no pants under shorts! She'll be glad of it all her adult life, and when it comes to raising her own children. Never mind the Mrs Grundys, ask your daughter and be guided by her, and certainly don't off-load adult anxieties and feelings onto a child.

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By Sherri 10 552 04/14/2011

Please make her wear underwear! A young girl of her age should always wear it, now & forever.

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By Jacque Bering 2 3 04/14/2011

40 years ago my gynecologist advised me to not wear underwear with jeans. He said that denim does not breathe and we need air to help prevent bacteria from building up, as in yeast infections.

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By Joan 21 297 04/14/2011

I guess I am a "Mrs. Grundy", but I definitely vote for underwear. Can't imagine anything more uncomfortable and unhygenic than wearing denim without underwear. Also, little girls love to swing and hang upside down on monkey bars, etc. Imagine how she will be teased by the other kids if she shows off a bare bottom. Underwear, definitely!

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