Getting Rid of Dog Urine Odor From Microfiber Couch


I have a micro suede couch and my dog peed on it. We took the cushions out of the zipper case and I'm waiting to find out how to clean it up? Any answers?

Tonya from Bloomfield, IA



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By Lauren 3 7 12/29/2008

Hey have you tried using Hydrogen Peroxide? This can get rid of the smell so dog doesn't keep peeing on it. Also try to wash the cushions, but not the inside of the cushions. Here is what you use to make the "blend". Mix 2 parts water with 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide

Best of luck! Lauren

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By Lydia 01/02/2009

I use 20 mule team Borax on pee stains in the carpet.It takes out the stain and the smell.I also use it to take out the smell when washing the dog blankets.Borax can be used for many different things in your home.I have also used it to cure a stray dog (which i kept)of mange .I sometimes use some on myself to bathe with.It makes the skin feel really soft.I buy it in the laundry section at walmart.It cost me about $3 .directions are on the box.other uses are found on the web.

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By DVG (Guest Post) 01/05/2009

If the Nature's Miracle doesn't work, here is what I did on my couch which is regular fabric.

I poured straight white vinegar on the area, got it soaking wet and let it sit about half hour then rinsed with cold water. Repeated again. I let it air dry which took about a day.

Then I put fabric softener sheets inside the cushion and zipped it up. I changed the FS sheet every day for about three days and left one in there. The vinegar removed the odors and is a natural disinfectant that doesn't change the color of the fabric.

The fabric softener sheet helped me deal with the vinegar sent until it went away (it does). Plus the sheet had a fragrance to it which helped my pet stay away from the area for a while. No repeat accidents on my couch! =) Good luck.

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By Laura 154 01/05/2009

I have had great success with a product called Kids N Pets.
I buy it at Wally World. It is about $5 or so.

It works great on cat urine, dog urine, human urine and dog diarrhea. Here is the best part. The pets won't go back and do it again in that area. Just follow the directions on the bottle. Removes the smell completely and the stains!! (of course test it ion a not noticeable corner of the couch first.) but it did fine on my carpet and my leather couch.

I always have a bottle in the house with 3 cats (one who is a geriatric) and 2 dogs (again one is a geriatric) So problems crop up in there old age.

Good luck! Laura

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By Kyla (Guest Post) 02/22/2009

We bought a used microfiber couch, it's pretty dirty and smells like stale smoke. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get rid of the smell and the old set in stains? It seems like I've tried everything, and either made it look more dirty or just added a "good scent" mixed in with the smoke! Help!

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Archive: Getting Rid of Dog Urine Odor From Microfiber Couch

I have a lovely little chihuahua who has peed on more than one occasion on my microfiber furniture. I have cleaned it up and there are no stains, but I still have an odor problem. Any ideas to get the urine odor out?

Becki from Dallas, TX

RE: Getting Rid of Dog Urine Odor From Microfiber Couch

Nature's Miracle, it's an active enzyme cleaner. I would test it in an inconspicuous place first. But I've been using it for yrs. on my carpet. It's designed for anything, including clothing. I get it locally but I know you can get it online too. (09/15/2007)

By Me

RE: Getting Rid of Dog Urine Odor From Microfiber Couch

Hi Becki, go to your local feed store to get a syringe and needle (yes, you can buy one). Use it to inject pet odor neutralizer (same as for carpet shampooing) into the cushions. Hope this helps, I'm sure it will! (09/16/2007)

By kimhis

RE: Getting Rid of Dog Urine Odor From Microfiber Couch

How do you get rid of the dog urine smell from the cushions inside of the cushion covers? My cocker spaniel dog peed on my microfiber love seat cushions. What is the best way to get the dog urine smell out of my cushions on the inside of my love seat, which is microfiber? (06/13/2008)

By Felicia

RE: Getting Rid of Dog Urine Odor From Microfiber Couch

Use Zorbx. They sell it at Lowe's and Home Depot. It works great and the smell disappears. (08/26/2008)

By jenn

RE: Getting Rid of Dog Urine Odor From Microfiber Couch

I have a red microfiber couch and my maltese-poodle (whom I am very angry with as I write this) has decided he wants to pee in only one spot on the couch. I'm afraid that the odor neutralizer will fade the couch color. Does anyone recommend a product in particular for red microfiber couches? (09/04/2008)

By Jovi

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