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My husband and I are starting a non-profit pet food pantry. It essentially supplies supplemental pet food to low/no income people, as a way to help keep pets from ending up in the shelters. There is another pet pantry about an hour away that has been a great relief for people in need.

Now, we are trying to think of a creative name for it. We'd like to (somehow) include our rescue dog's name, Chance. He was a shelter dog that had been picked up off of the streets, very hungry. He is very special to us, and I hate to think that other pets out there might be going hungry. Any advice regarding a pantry name, especially with his name in it, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much everyone, and God bless!

By LuvMyFurKids from Dorr, MI


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By Bonnie Varga 18 62 05/22/2009

Best Chance Precious Pets Pantry

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By Cassie 6 52 05/22/2009

Another Chance Pet Pantry.
God Bless You for helping some many deserving "customers".

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By Pamela Melon 1 67 05/22/2009

Second Chances Pet Pantry, or Chances' Chow Cafe

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By Frances Adams 11 557 05/22/2009

Chance's Food Dish

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By Mary Lou 14 765 05/28/2009

Chance's Chow Line

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By Kathy 64 334 05/28/2009

I like "Another Chance" or "Second Chance" as mentioned above. God bless you and your husband for such a wonderful idea.

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By Cindy 05/28/2009

The first thing that popped into my head was Taking a Chance. Let us know what you decide.

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By Suzanne Bergholz 2 60 05/28/2009

Chance's Kibbles. What a great idea. There are so many folks and pets that this will help. In our area, Northwestern Ohio,so many people are putting pets in shelters because they can no longer care for them in this poor economy. We have adopted several strays in the past 6 months. May God bless you in this and all things. We are all in this together.

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By Holly 3 141 05/28/2009

First thing that popped into my head was Second Chance. Direct and to the point. I see someone else also thought of it. Hmm, sounds like an omen to me! All the best to you, your husband and Chance for doing this kind project. By the way, Chance is adorable.xoxox to Chance for me.

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 05/28/2009

Bon Chance, of course, it's French for Good Luck!

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By Dianna M. 6 15 05/29/2009

Second Chance Pet Food Pantry - I feel this is great name and it pretty much says it all and very self explanatory.
Can you tell me how to start one in my area?

Of course I will have to name it something else too!

bigfootblooper AT yahoo.com

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By Marilyn J Ference 7 50 05/29/2009

Second Chance (as mentioned), and Second Chance's Food Pantry are great! To clarify the full meaning of your free pantry I suggest Chance's Free Pantry. This might encourage more people to donate to you, and others to come to you where there is no other choice. Bless you for thinking of others in today's economy.

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By Colette 4 05/30/2009

Fantastic idea!Bon Chance Pet Pantry. Chance's Pet Pantry. If you Google 'Second Chance' there are a million adoption agencies for animals with that name so you really want to come up with something different. That way when people google your site, you won't get lost.

Chance's Eats Pet Pantry - Please keep us updated as to how Chance's Pantry goes. Thank-you for doing such a wonderful thing!

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 10/05/2010

Chance to Share!

Please, let us know what the name was, and THANK YOU for being able to do this.

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