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Making Glittered, Colored Poinsettias

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I love those glitter covered, colored poinsettias. Last Christmas they were $4.99, this past Christmas the price went up to $15.99. Outrageous! Does anyone know how to make these at home? I tried spray glitter, but very little stuck. I don't know what kind of paint to use that would not kill the plant. I know the color is something applied because new growth comes in green.

Curious Cat from South Norfolk, VA


Curious Cat,

Try your local craft store, any discount store with a floral department, or search the web for floral supply companies. They should all sell the non - toxic spray glues and colored flower paints that florists use to dress up poinsettias around the holidays. The glitter is nothing specific, just plain old glitter in the color of your choice.

If you plan on keeping your poinsettia longer than a few weeks, you are better off looking for a variety that has been bred to have color, rather then one that has been painted or dressed up in glitter (both interfere with the respiration and transpiration of the plant). Once covered in glitter or paint, the dressed up plants won't live longer than a couple of weeks, no matter how 'non - toxic' the glue is. Or, to extend its life, you might also consider leaving your poinsettia natural for Christmas and then dressing it up for New Years with some silver glitter.

A few years back I remember the arrival of lime green cultivars and then the next year suddenly blue became the 'it' color. This year (around here) it was natural harvest colors and 'Barney' purple with gold glitter. Poinsettias are long - lasting, so the cultivars bred in harvest colors made a wonderful (and practical) addition to our Thanksgiving décor. Will crazy - colored Easter lilies (pink, baby blue, yellow?) appear in the stores for spring?

Have fun!



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By Vi Johnson [231]01/26/2008

I don't know if they still make the transparent spray paint and spray glue for flowers, But Design Master had some beautiful colors when I worked as a floral designer.Also you can try food coloring in water ,dip the flower tops in a bucket add the glitter and set to dry. Or some cut flowers will draw the dye up through the stems.Give a fresh cut to the flowers and put in dye water over night. Here is the Poinsettia my daughter gave me in 2006.. It died within 2 weeks. :( GG,Vi

RE: Making Glittered, Colored Poinsettias

By Beth [25]01/25/2008

You can also buy glitter paint at craft stores. It comes in different colors. It's usually with the acrylic paint. I have seen the poinsettias you are talking about. I think they spray the color on, then do the glitter. If you dilute the glitter paint with floating medium (same place in the store) you could quickly brush it on the leaves with a rake style brush. Maybe you could experiment with a left over plant from this Christmas past in case it doesn't work.

By Maggie [13]01/23/2008

Michaels Craft store carries a spray paint for live flowers..I use it often (I am a floral designer by trade)..I've also used: Take a spray bottle and put in a good squeeze of acrylic paint, fill with water and shake..spray onto flowers. As to the glitter aspect, I would try white glue and water mixed, about half and half, and spray or brush on flowers after you've painted them, then sprinkle with the glitter. Make sure to have area covered. The spray paint has a pretty strong smell, whereas the mixed paint in spray bottle has no smell :0)
Maggie O in Bloomington, MN

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