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Do It Yourself Exfoliating Scrub!

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Grab a tupperware dish; large or small, depending on the amount, that you make. Add fine white sugar, in about half. then combine, baby oil. I bought mine a local dollar store ($2). Make sure that the sugar is completely covered. Stir in well, and feel free to add more sugar or oil if you don't feel the consistency is right.

When applying to your body, take an empty squirt bottle, (I used an old Calgon body mist bottle) and fill it with water, spraying on the area of your body that you wish to exfoliate, then, using a tablespoon of your exfoliation mix, put on desired part of your body, and begin to scrub. 40 - 60 seconds, I find works best!

When you are done, rinse, and apply your favorite body lotion. You won't believe how rejuvinated your skin feels! It lasts about a week. I've found it's a great gift idea! After you've mixed your sugar and oil, take an empty Mason jar, fill it, to your desired amount, put a piece of fabric on top, tie it with a ribbon, and make a personalized name tag. You could even make a gift basket with it.

Buying your own favorite lotion, a few cheap face towels, and hand towels, body spray, and a cucumber. It makes a great, at home spa for yourself, or a girlfriend!

By Amanda from Ontario,CA



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By gayle garcia02/16/2009

I have dark spots on my legs, arms, and torso from having an outbreak of Lichen Planus. I find that exfoliating is helping to fade the spots very well. I usually exfoliate every night. My question is how often should you exfoliate and should you do so before or during your bath or shower?
thank you

By gayle (Guest Post)02/16/2009

I have dark spots on my legs, arms, torso from having an outbreak of Lichen Planus. Exfoliating my skin is helping to fade the spots. I've been exfoliating every night. Is this too often? Also I normally exfoliate while bathing but read that exfoliating skin is done before bathing or showering. Which method is correct?
thank you

By Jennifer Chambers12/05/2008

Ok. I tried it last night. Used it on my face, hope that was ok. It worked real good I thought! I used granulated sugar mixed with an acne fighting cream cleanser on my wet face.

I want to also try the sea salts with lemon juice. I saw it posted on another exfoiating thread.

By Jennifer Chambers12/04/2008

Thanks for the tip. I will try it. Hopefully that will mean one less Clinique product I have to buy! Why? Because nothing in the grocery/pharmacy stores is grainy enough to my liking and this sounds like it should be grainy enough for my sloughing needs. Thanks, again!

By tami (Guest Post)11/24/2008

If you use salt it lasts longer than sugar. It doesn't dissolve as quickly.

By marisa [3]11/24/2008

I have never used this on my body but I have been using this on my hands for years.I just put about a teaspoon of sugar in the palm of my hand and squirt some baby oil on top and rub,rub,rub!Rinse it off and wash hands and you feel like you have new skin!Now I will have to try this whole body scrub!

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