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Take Advantage of Birthday Perks

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Check and see which restaurants offer the birthday person a FREE desert or a discount coupon on a meal. They usually will sing Happy Birthday too! Check it out; some have birthday registration clubs. Usually it has to be in the month, not the exact birth date. Worth checking out.

By Syd



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By Michael Carter [2]03/27/2006

Marble Slab Creamery...
Pancho's Mexican Buffet
Red Robin...
California Pizza Kitchen...
I have a ton of them listed. My website is in my profile (sorry, I don't want to get in trouble by posting my website here on ThriftyFun too much, even though the Moderators have been super nice about me sharing it. :) )

By AK (Guest Post)01/20/2006

Ruby Tuesday's offers free desert check out the website

to print the cupon

By Becki in Indiana (Guest Post)01/04/2005

Applebee's gives the birthday person free dessert.

By Jill (Guest Post)01/02/2005

Bandido's in Ft. Wayne, IN. gives you a free meal on your birthday with your driver's liscense for proof.

By Donna J. (Guest Post)01/01/2005

Zehnders in Frankenmuth, MI offers a free all you can eat chicken dinner . You have to sign up for it in advance and they will mail you a postcard every year. You can use it any day in the month of your birthday. The chickens great!

By Ginny (Guest Post)01/01/2005

Johnny Dee's diner in Middietown and Newburgh NY> a free lunch on birthdays...(fill out form in diner)

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