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Temporary Glue

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I am trying to find a glue that can be removed from antique buttons later if I want to take them out of a display frame. They are fragile. There is a cloth backing inside the frame. I tried removable glue spots and they won't hold the heavier buttons. Some of the buttons are over 80 years old.

Rae Ann from Templeton, CA



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By Debbie (Guest Post)03/25/2007

Evaporated canned milk is an excellent glue! My mom has used it for years!

By Linda (Guest Post)03/24/2007

I used my glue gun to glue antique buttons around a cheap clock. When the $2 clock died I easily popped the buttons off and re-glued them onto another $2 clock.

By christi [66]03/23/2007

Instead of gluing, why dont you just tac them to the cloth backing, just a few stitches should hold them fine, and it will easily remove.

By sissy (Guest Post)03/23/2007

Aleene's No Sew Fabric Glue works very well.

By me [3]03/22/2007

Have you tried sticky tac ? it's commonly used for posters and can hold quiet a bit of weight.

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