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Making A "Boppy" Style Pillow For Babies

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Home Made Boppy

Home Made Boppy

Boppy pillows are so handy for nursing moms or simply for baby to lay on while we Grandmothers rock them to sleep. At the baby stores, they are around $25 but, with the following instructions, you can make your own for half the price.

A boppy is a horseshoe shaped pillow which fits around Mom's waist. It is 43 inches around, and each side of the horseshoe is 9 inches wide. The center of it (between each side) measures 5 inches.

Trace your "horseshoe" pattern onto a posterboard or newspaper, according to these dimensions. Cut two pieces,and lay front sides together to sew. Be sure to clip the curved parts to prevent ripping. A stretchy type of material, chenille, or terrycloth actually works best. When sewing by machine, leave an opening for stuffing.

To stuff, use the really soft craft stuffing. To prevent lumps, I shred mine really finely. You want this pillow really soft and stuffed (almost OVERSTUFFED) really tightly. No Lumps! Babies Love them. My Grandson slept with his body in the center and his head on top. He liked the snuggy feeling of the sides pulled in close to him.

By Sharon from Ravenna, KY


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By jessica graham [1]07/08/2009

Wow, thank you I have been looking for a way to make boppy pillows now do you no how to make a body pillow? i'm pregnant and I want to make one for myself. email me back at lil_soldier1555 AT

By Sarah (Guest Post)06/13/2007

Great idea!! My husband is a big guy and he loves the bobby's but they are just not big enough. What a great gift idea for him next time we have a baby!! Also, I could choose material that he likes.

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